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24 Hour Take Home Exam Help & Late Submission Policy

Finishing college/university assignment homework and that too within the given time period is the need of every school and college student of the University of the USA and UAE. Although it is a time consuming and requires lot of research and concentration, which at times frustrate students the most

Below is the 24 hour take home exam instruction :

  • Download the electronic copy of the exam paper from your email.

  • Download the exam script book template.

  • Complete the exam script book cover page.

  • Type your answers into the exam script book template — make sure the answer number corresponds to the question number.

  • Save your completed exam script book using the following file name conventions:

    • your last name

    • your student ID

    • the course code

    • For example: smohammad_14DEC033MBAIM_LAW601_2016.doc

    • Sent your completed exam in either Microsoft Word or PDF format to the given email ID

Late Submission Policy

Take-home exams must be submitted via email by the published submission date and time. A late take-home examination is one that is submitted after the due time and date set for submission or after any extension has expired. A student who obtains an extension is not subject to penalty under these rules.

Take-home exams submitted late will incur a marking penalty. A penalty for late submission will be imposed in the following way:

  • For the first 2 hours late (or part thereof) a 5% mark reduction applies;

  • For every hour late (or part thereof) after the first 2 hours, the penalty increases to a 10% Mark reduction.

  • They are well experienced and trained in delivering the work to the students in accordance to the guideline and timelines.

Some of the vital tips for the students to get their online assignments done quickly are as follows:

  • Opt for the online homework service providers that guarantee the fast writing services at your desk and at competitive prices.

  • Don’t trust the companies charging high amount or having fascinating websites. They might heavy be running a fake and copied online presentation. So, make sure prior in advance that the company you are opting for you are opting for must be authorized legally.

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