Assignment Help On BSBPMG516 Manage project information and communication

To provide you with an opportunity to identi , analyse and documen inforrnation requirements, with input from stakeholders, as the basis fo communication planning.

What information do you need to form the basis for your communication planning?

Who are the stakeholders within your project from whom you need to obtain information prior to planning your communications strategy?

What systems are in place for documenting this initial information within your organisation and who is responsible for each system? What is your role within the systems

To provrde you with an opportunity to develop, within delegated authority, an agreed communication management plan to support achievement of pr objectives

What delegated authorities within your project will determine the activities in your communication management plan?

Through which methods might you report on aspects of your project to its stakeholders?

What will you need to consider when developing your communication management plan?

What methods of communication are available to use to disseminate information to the stakeholders of your project?

 30 Minutes
To provide you with an opportunity to establish and maintain a designa project-management information system to ensure quality, validity timeliness and integrity of information and communication.

What is a project management information system and what are the benefits of using one within a project?

What sort of PMIS are you using within your project and what is your specific responsibility?

To provide you with an opportunity to manage generation, gathering, s orage, retrieval, analysis and nd dissemination of information by project staff and

For each of the following practices related to information, explain how they are managed within your project: Generating A Gathering A Storing A Retrieval Analysis.

Identify the different ways you disseminate information to project staff and stakeholders within your project and explain the reasons for selecting those methods for those people.

To provide you with an opportunity to implement, modify, monitor and control

Control designated information-validation processes to optimise quality and accuracy data

To provide you wi h an opportunity to implement and maintain appropriate communication networks.

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