BSBMGT617 Develop and Implement A Business Plan

Task 1 :-

You have been given a business plan-Vocational Hotel, attached  as Appendix A. You are required to re-write the business plan as the cur ent business plan does not work for the company.You are among the senior management member having your role and responsibility to determine the effectivfunctioning and success of the organisation.Oirectors are planning to rebrand the company with a complete new mission and vision. The

Oirectors have asked you to identify, review and evaluate their existing business plan and modify it so that new

venture can have smooth and profitable business operations. You are also required to oversee the work of other departments.'(au are required to pertorm the following tasks as required by the directors:

  • Review and evaluate strategic plan
  • Review and evaluate business plan
  • Review and evaluate o-perational plan
  • fl.nalyse existing mission, vision,values and objectives
  • ldentilyt stakeholders
  • ldentilyt product or service strategy,-pricing strategy and target market.
  • Develo-p \C.Pis and benchmarks and modifv them actordingly if required
  • ldentilyt financial and human resource requirements for business
  • What laws and legislation requirements are to be followed as per standards?

You are now required to communicate new business plan to all stakeholders.You can assume your assessor as sta’Keho\der.You can communicate him verbally. However, the obserVation sheet attached must be filled for each student.You also need to ensure that all business reports (financial and non-financial) are in user-friendly format.

  • Report to directors on any system or product or seN\ce failure, and any variance to business plan student lm noticed.

Task 2 :-

Your Warehouse Manager has gone on annual leave and you have been given an added responsibility of Warehouse Manager. You have evaluated the current performance and targeted perfonnance. You are now required to analyse the performance report against planned objectives to increase its productivity efficiency.


  1. a) Seals with a wide range of everyday legal disputes such as                            discrimination.building guardianship,health. privacy,legal practice.mentalhealth.owners corporations, tenants and landlords,and the purchase and supply of goods and services.
    1. b) Provides practicalguidance for people who have work health and safety duties about how to

    achieve the standards required under the Act, and about effective ways to identify and manage risks c)  Individuals are responsible lor the conduct of their own matters and are represented by legal


  2. a) Pursuing cost leadership: House Expenses:Promotion:Advertising b)  HR Specialists: Operationalplan:Marketing specialists:Accountant c)   Executive summary:Lawyers:Contractors:Business Goals
  3. d) Marketing Plan; Operational Plan:FinancialPlan: Action Plan


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Perception Case Study Questions On Alpha Pharma Ltd

Case Study On Alpha Pharma Ltd

 Sameer Mehta works for Alpha Pharma Ltd. Alpha Pharma is a 40 year old traditional company which manufactures pharmaceutical products ranging from antibiotics to cough syrups. Sameer is a Medical representative and has to make on an average 10 calls per day to promote the company’s products to doctors. He has been working with the company for past 4 years. He is smart employee who has marketed the company’s products well. However Sameer hates if someone were to point his flaws. He has often argued out his performance appraisal with his boss Sudhakar Raut, if it has been critical. Sudhakar finds Sameer to be a difficult person who always expects praise and avoids criticism. Whereas Sameer believes that he has been loyal to the company in the face of offers from the competitors, as well as, he has really worked hard for the company. He strongly believes that Sudhakar should be more encouraging in his approach by praising good work done rather than criticizing him. Sudhakar on the other hand believes in honestly telling the subordinate where he has gone wrong to help him correct himself in the future. He also believes that too much of praise may make an employee self-complacent. Recently Sudhakar was taking stock of Sameer’s work for the month and he realized that on an average Sameer has been making approximately 8-9 calls per day instead of making the standard 10 calls per day. From the records, he found that only on 6 occasions Sameer had met the standard of 10 calls per day. So he decided to talk it out to Sameer.

 When Sameer met Sudhakar, he was full of apprehension. He expected criticism and hence had prepared his response well in advance. When Sudhakar asked him about the number of calls made during the month, Sameer immediately said that the new product that he was promoting was a product which faced stiff competition in the market. Obviously because of this he had to spend more time in convincing the medical practitioners. Sudhakar seemed to be in doubt about this. Sameer further added that he had tried to cover doctors spread over a reasonably large geographical area, which made commuting cumbersome. Sudhakar was convinced that Sameer was not prepared to accept any suggestion for improvement and was instead very defensive. Sudhakar closed the meeting by clearly sounding Sameer on the lapse that had been committed during the month and also advised him to be careful in the future. Sameer however thought that Sudhakar  was as usual being critical about him and was simply indulging in nit picking.


  1. Define the problem posed in this case.
  2. If you were in place of Sameer and if you were asked to explain your position what would you do?
  3. What advise will you give to Sudhakar to help him change Sameer’s perception?


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BEHL 1005 Applied Psychology Case Studies Assessment Help

Case study 1 : Daniella

Daniella, is a sixty year old woman, attends the emergency department complaining of numbness and tingling in her legs. She has presented three times in the past two months with the same symptoms. Each time she has seen a different doctor, and a variety of investigations have been conducted with no clear cause of her symptoms identified. Daniella does have a history of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. On this visit to the emergency department she is accompanied by her husband and daughter. While Daniella speaks English well, when she is stressed her comprehension seems to diminish and she misunderstands what is said to her. The physical examination, on this occasion as before, is normal, and her diabetes and heart disease appear well controlled.
Daniella migrated to Australia from Italy when she was twenty-two years old. She met her husband, who had been born in Australia to Italian parents, shortly after she arrived, and they married twelve months later. They have four children, all of whom have left home, although only her eldest daughter is married. There are no grandchildren. She says that their marriage is happy. She frequently comments on the marital status of her children and the lack of grandchildren, and wonders if she has been a bad mother. Her husband has recently retired, and she finds it stressful to have him around the house all the time. She has a small number of close friends, but has been finding it difficult to leave the house and visit with them, feeling a responsibility for looking after her husband while he is at home. Daniella is very worried about the tingling and numbness in her legs, and feels that the doctors have not been listening to her. She usually attends a large general practice clinic close to her home for the monitoring of her diabetes and heart disease, where she sees a different doctor each time she attends. The medical registrar after discussing Daniella’s symptoms with the medical team, come to the conclusion that they are likely to be stress related, either due to the mechanism of a conversion disorder (neurological symptoms in the presence of a psycho-social stressor), or as symptoms of anxiety associated with hyperventilation. The symptoms have both a symbolic and real effect of getting her out of the house and receiving care. Little is known about Daniella’s family of origin at this stage, and a reminder note is made to enquire about this, as this may help to understand the fears and disappointments that Daniella is experiencing associated with her children leaving home and her husband retiring.

Case study 2 Akbar

Akbar is a thirty-five year old Somalian man who visits his GP because he is finding it difficult to leave his home. Akbar is concerned that he has become fearful of leaving his home, experiencing a sense of dread that something terrible will happen. His heart races and he often becomes dizzy. On one occasion he collapsed while he was at the mosque, and consequently has stopped attending services. He describes himself as a ‘nervous person’ but says it has got much worse over the past two years. He is concerned that he will lose his employment benefits because he has stopped attending job interviews. He has very few friends, and spends his days mainly reading and looking after his elderly parents, with whom he lives. Akbar immigrated to Australia when he was seventeen. His family had been persecuted in Somalia, and he escaped to Pakistan before immigrating to Australia. He has many relatives still living in Somalia, and he worries about their safety. He completed an electrical apprenticeship, but has not worked as an electrician since injuring himself at work five years ago. Akbar separated from his wife shortly after his accident, and has no children.

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Case study 3 Emily

Emily is an eighteen year old woman who recently graduated from high school. Emily was born in Whyalla. Her father is an Aboriginal Australian and is an electrician. Her mother is of Anglo-Saxon ancestry and is a Nurse. Emily was shy in her childhood, however, she reports that her home life was ‘happy’ most of the time. However, Emily also says that she was constantly teased by her school mates during her school life about being of mixed race, and always believed that she was ‘unattractive’. Emily was always very close to her family during her primary schooling. When Emily was 13, she moved with her family to Adelaide and settled in the inner western suburbs. She attended the local high school. Academically, she was doing very well and was outspoken at her new high school and was elected as a student representative. However, as she started to receive attention from boys, she described feeling extreme anxiety about how to handle their sexual advances. When at high school, Emily never invited friends over to her house because she was not comfortable by her mixed racial heritage. Emily suggests she had issues with not being ‘black’ or ‘white’. During most of high school, Emily dated Graham. Graham and Emily broke up as she finished high school because he wanted to be free to date other girls. Emily has been a member of a debating club for some time, but more recently she is not happy, she agitates and gets angry easily and not enjoying herself. Emily is working in a bar but does not like her current job; however, she is not motivated to look for other work. She describes feeling “on the edge” when she is getting ready for work or for her debating club and is starting to use all sorts of excuses to avoid going to either of them. She has recently lost all interest in cleaning her apartment, has lost interest in eating and is paying less attention to her
personal appearance. Emily is now avoiding seeing her parents and her brother. About two months ago, Emily became friendly with a patron of the bar where she works. After a lengthy conversation, he encouraged Emily to seek professional help and support from a social worker at a community health centre – this is you.
The task:
Choose only one of the above Case Studies and address all the following questions:
1. Identify at least 2 developmental theories and discuss what (physical, social and cognitive) developmental issues have contributed to the life situation of the client in your chosen case study? You need to provide reasons why you selected these theories.
2. What stress symptoms (Physical, Psychological, Behavioural) can you identify for your chosen client?
3. What strategies/techniques you would suggest to your client for managing and improving their stressful life situation? Explain why you have recommended these strategies

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Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence Homework Help

Scenario 1

You are looking at the profile of one of your team member Bill. After looking into the profile, you find that this employee is a bit of concern for you. You noticed that his performance is very good and he demonstrate complete professionalism. He has never failed in achieving his performance and sales targets. He is very knowledgeable about the products and its attributes. He also demonstrates very high skill levels in customer service.

However, he never respond to team training, neither attended any training sessions conducted for improving team morale. While other team members feels energetic, enthusiastic and motivated after team building sessions, Bill seems to be emotionally drained while interacting with other team members. You have received a feedback from team members that they would rather like to work individually, but are not willing to work with Bill. Work with Bill is like suffocation for other team members. You feel frustrated.

  1. How will you identify what Bill is feeling?

  2. Give any four examples (with a very short brief) each of learning styles; personality types; and communication styles.

  1. What learning type and personality style you think is best suited for Bill?

  2. Which communication style you would use to communicate with Bill regarding your response?

  3. How would you adjust your response so that your needs (emotional needs, team cohesiveness needs) are satisfied?

  4. How would you adjust your response so that Bill’s needs ( emotional needs, performing within a team environment) are satisfied?



Scenario 2

As discussed in Scenario 1 of Assessment Task 1, there has been a significant drop in sales of end mobile handsets. This is because of local and small competitors. There was a board discussion about this situation in company head office and senior management reaches to a conclusion that some action should be taken to mitigate the issue.

The management decided to increase performance and sales targets for some employees and scrap some team cohesion training session. This will lead to increase in sales while reducing some overhead costs. Each manager was given the responsibility of implementation of decision within their respective departments. While implementing this decision, it is important to consider the emotional impact on staff and impact of WHS. This is mainly because of measuring the impact on team performance towards achieving the goals.

  1. What could be the negative impact on business when considering emotionally affected people?

  2. How considering emotional impact of decision making could lead to better decision making and business performance?

  3. List FOUR steps of decision making that takes “emotional impact” into account. (hint ( from case  study) increased targets, scrapping training sessions)

  4. Discuss SIX possible policies, legislations related to the case study and given scenario> Hint privacy law, Equal opportunity, Anti-discrimination, Ethical principle)

  5. According to the case study why WHS legislation is considered as an important legislation.