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online Homework Answers Help

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Writing Help On BSBHRM405A -Recruitment, Selection and Induction of Staff

Assessment Task1 – Written Questions

Answer all of the written questions below.

Instructions for Recruitment, Selection and Induction Assignment/Homework

Provide answers to all of the questions below:

  1. Briefly describe the concept of the Human Resources Life Cycle.

Answer: Human Resources Life Cycle or the Employee Life Cycle and refers to the stages of an employee’s time in a particular organisation and the shifting roles the Human Resources function play in each of those stages.

There are several models or versions of the Human Resources Cycle

list the 5 main stages of the Human Resource Life Cycle?

Answers: An employee normally experiences five different stages during their employment with your business:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Education
  3. Motivation
  4. Evaluation
  5. Celebration
  1. List three items you would need to identify about a position if undertaking a job analysis?

Answers: Job analysis is a detailed examination of

(1) tasks  that make up a job (employee role),
(2) conditions under which an employee performing his/her job, and
(3) what exactly a job requires in terms of aptitudes (potential for achievement), attitudes (behaviour characteristics), knowledge, skills, educational qualifications and the physical working condition of the employee.

  1. What is the purpose of a person specification?

Answers: The purposes of a person specification are following below:

  1. It makes the interviewing process more refined and therefore easier
  2. Job seekers are able to assess themselves before applying and understand how they will fit in with the role and your business. This allows them to match themselves according to suitability and not just skills.
  3. It clarifies the two types of personal qualifications important to the employer: essential and desirable. This enables the employer to be explicit in what they want and how the candidate matches these criteria.
  4. It helps to communicate equal opportunities policies within the recruitment culture of a business. The law is very clear about discrimination. A person specification ensures you are assessing a candidate on their abilities related to the role.
  5. It means you test all of your candidates against the same list of priorities set out in advance. This helps remove bias, prejudice and personal interest, all of which can be problematic for recruiting successfully.
  1. Name at least three Commonwealth anti-discrimination laws that should be considered when advertising for a position.

Answers: Age Discrimination Act 2004

  • Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992
  • Racial Discrimination Act 1975
  • Sex Discrimination Act 1984.
  1. Briefly describe the objectives of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975.

Answers: Discrimination on the basis of race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin and in some circumstances, immigrant status.

Racial hatred, defined as a public act/s likely to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate on the basis of race, is also prohibited under this Act unless an exemption applies.

It covers all the area that Discrimination in all areas of public life including employment, provision of goods and services, right to join trade unions, access to places and facilities, land, housing and other accommodation, and advertisements.

  1. Read the following interview questions and indicate whether it is behavioural (B) or situational (S)
  • Tell me about a time when you had too many things to do and you were required to prioritize your tasks? Situational
  • If you know your boss is 100% wrong about something, how would you handle this? _B
  • Describe how you would handle the situation if you met resistance when introducing a new idea or policy to a team or work group.
  1. List three interview questions that could be considered discriminatory?


  • What Religion Are You? Do You Observe Any Religious Holidays?
  • What is your race, color or ethnicity?
  • What is your political affiliation?
  1. List five methods that can be used to advertise a position?

Answers: Start With Your Local Newspaper

Local newspapers will find local candidates, with the advantages that they already know the area, have a place to live and won’t be distracted by having to assimilate their families, enroll children in school and find their way around. Study the paper’s ad format and write your ad in a size and look that will get attention. If several newspapers serve your area, choose those that have advertisers similar to your type of company or the job you need to fill.

Targeted Online Jobsites

Many online job websites exist where you can advertise your job, often for free. The downside, though, is that you may receive thousands of resumes from applicants that aren’t a great fit for the job. Nearly every industry has one or more job websites targeted toward specific types of jobs, such as nursing or journalism. The websites normally charge a fee to post a job, but it is a reasonable cost for reaching such a wide, targeted audience in one step.

Trade Publications

Consider any of the publications you read or scan regularly for your business, whether print or online. Chances are that job seekers in your industry are reading them, too. Many print publications also have online versions, which may be exact replicas of the print version or considerably different. Study them to see which ones have job listings like yours and to learn the costs of each. Find out if advertising in the print version of the publication automatically includes your ad in the online version.

Social Networking Sites

Post job openings on social networking sites — some showcase your company in a casual, friendly atmosphere, while others target a professional audience. These sites are widely used by millions of people. If your company has a blog — even if you aren’t the blog writer — mention the opening there too. Ask a tech-savvy colleague for help or contact the ad sales reps for the sites.

Ask for References

Testimonials and networking can be valuable in helping you make the most of your time and money. Ask colleagues — within and outside your company — where they have had success seeking job candidates. Get specifics; ask how many responses they received from each source, how long they ran their ad and how well the applicants fit their job openings. If you don’t have references from colleagues, ask the publication’s or job site’s advertising manager for its success rate or for references that you can contact who successfully advertised similar jobs in the recent past.

  1. When constructing a job advertisement, what type of information should be included? List at least five points.

Answers: Write a job description

Writing a job description helps define the duties a new staff member will be responsible for, the previous experience and skills they will need and what level of authority they will hold.

Create the job title

Include who the person reports to, and what section of the business the job fits in.

Write a summary of the job

Include what the job entails and list the key responsibilities of the job – normally around eight.

Check employment type

Identify how the person will be hired e.g. full-time, part-time, and casual. For help deciding which employment type will be best for you, visit our Employment types and hiring options page.

Identify the selection criteria

Include what qualifications, skills and work experience the successful candidate needs to have (or state none are necessary if you want to train people on the job)

  1. Discuss at least three effective interviewing techniques. You should discuss each technique in at least 2 –3 sentences.

Answers:  Determine your objective

Before you schedule the interview, determine why you want to have it. What information can you gain from the interviewee? How will this information help you achieve your other goals? How will you be better off after having conducted this interview?

Observe standards of etiquette

If you’re meeting in the interviewee’s office, knock before entering. Don’t sit down until invited to do so. During the interview, keep things to yourself. If you start invading the interviewee’s personal space for example, by gradually taking over the person’s desk), the letter will become less willing to talk. See below for other reasons you should keep your notebook and other items near you.

Open with standard rapport/small talk

Before starting the interview, take a few moments to get to know the interviewee. Ask the standard questions and make standard comments about weather or make positive comments about the meeting room or office or mementos on the interviewee’s desk. However, be careful about speculating on photographs. That child whom you think is a grandson or granddaughter might actually be a son or daughter instead. A college or high school photo of the interviewee could cause problems if you say, “You looked great back then.” Instead, keep your comments general, as in, “What a great photograph.”

Once you’ve spent a few minutes with the getting-acquainted talk, you can start transitioning to the interview. To signal this transition, shift position in your seat , begin to take out a notebook or tablet, or say something like, “I appreciate your time. As you know, I’ve come to discuss….”

 Distinguish open and closed questions

Open questions begin with words such as “Who,” “What,” “Where,” or “When.” That is, they give the other person a chance to give a narrative response, without being confined by the question. Such questions are good when one is seeking general or background information. Their disadvantage is that they can cause an interviewee to ramble on endlessly.

Closed questions, on the other hand, call for a specific answer, usually a “Yes” or a “No.” A person who asks a closed question is usually seeking a particular answer to a particular question. The disadvantage of closed questions is that in using them, you may be jumping too quickly to conclusions.

Both types of questions have their place during the interview. In general, begin with open questions. At this point, you want to get the big picture and to avoid jumping to conclusions or making wrong assumptions. When you ask open questions, you allow the other person to bring up matters you then can focus on more specifically.

As the interview progresses, use closed questions either to confirm your understanding or to explore in more depth the matter being discussed. You can also use closed questions to help control the rambling interviewee. If you think you know the point he or she is making, cut to the chase by asking a question such as, “So if I understand, your point is that…”? If you’re right, the person will agree, and you will have saved time. If you’re wrong, the person will let you know, and (you hope) will summarize the point quickly.

  1. List three of the most commonly used selection techniques.


  • Preliminary Interview:The purpose of preliminary interviews is basically to eliminate unqualified applications based on information supplied in application forms. The basic objective is to reject misfits. On the other hands preliminary interviews is often called a courtesy interview and is a good public relations exercise.
  • Selection Tests:Jobseekers who past the preliminary interviews are called for tests. There are various types of tests conducted depending upon the jobs and the company. These tests can be Aptitude Tests, Personality Tests, and Ability Tests and are conducted to judge how well an individual can perform tasks related to the job. Besides this there are some other tests also like Interest Tests (activity preferences), Graphology Test (Handwriting), Medical Tests, Psychometric Tests etc.
  • Employment Interview:The next step in selection is employment interview. Here interview is a formal and in-depth conversation between applicant’s acceptability. It is considered to be an excellent selection device. Interviews can be One-to-One, Panel Interview, or Sequential Interviews. Besides there can be Structured and Unstructured interviews, Behavioral Interviews, Stress Interviews.
  • Reference & Background Checks:Reference checks and background checks are conducted to verify the information provided by the candidates. Reference checks can be through formal letters, telephone conversations. However it is merely a formality and selections decisions are seldom affected by it.
  • Selection Decision: After obtaining all the information, the most critical step is the selection decision is to be made. The final decision has to be made out of applicants who have passed preliminary interviews, tests, final interviews and reference checks. The views of line managers are considered generally because it is the line manager who is responsible for the performance of the new employee.
  • Physical Examination:After the selection decision is made, the candidate is required to undergo a physical fitness test. A job offer is often contingent upon the candidate passing the physical examination.
  • Job Offer:The next step in selection process is job offer to those applicants who have crossed all the previous hurdles. It is made by way of letter of appointment.
  • Final Selection
  1. Discuss in approximately a paragraph why recruitment decisions should not be based on one selection method alone.
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Assessment Task2: Recruitment project

Task summary

For this assessment, you are required to complete a series of tasks associated with the recruitment of a Human Resources Advisor for the University of Green Hill. This will include:

  • Developing a position description.
  • Developing a job advertisement.
  • Developing questions for an interview.
  • Assisting in shortlisting candidates
  • Preparing a schedule for interviews.

What you will need

  • Computer and Microsoft Office
  • Access to the internet for research
  • HR Advisor position requirements
  • Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy University of Green Hill
  • Position description template

When and where do I do this?

This assessment should be completed in the classroom as part of the simulated work environment. The assessor will advise dates for submission.

Write in the date as advised by your assessor:

What do I have to submit?

  • Email attaching completed position description and requesting approval to proceed with the position.
  • Email attaching job advertisement
  • Email including recommended interview questions
  • Email including details of recommended candidates for shortlisting
  • Email attaching letters to candidates inviting them to interview

What if I get something wrong?

If your assessor sees that you did not complete the task satisfactorily, they will give you feedback and ask you to redo it.


You are a Human Resources Officer at the University of Green Hill. The Human Resources Manager has been discussing with you the University’s intention to grow its Human Resources personnel due to the high numbers of staff employed across the University as a whole and the University’s focus on having a highly skilled HR Department.

Due to these needs your Manager has indicated that a Human Resources Advisor needs to be employed and wants you to assist with the recruitment, selection and induction of the staff member. The Human Resources Manager has advised that the position will need to be advertised both internally and externally.

Complete the following tasks.

  1. Develop a position description for the role of Human Resources Advisor.
  1. Email the position description to your assessor in the role of Human Resources Manager. Your email should seek approval to proceed with the recruitment for the position based on the supplied position description and seek advice on timelines for advertising and filling of the position.
  2. Following organisational policy on relevant legislation for EEO and anti-discrimination as indicated in the guidelines for advertising in the Recruitment and Selection Policy, design an advertisement for an externally advertised position, as well as an advertisement for an internally advertised position. Ensure the advert contains all the relevant information and that it is designed to gain attention, generate interest, explain benefits, and target appropriate candidates.
  3. Email the advertisement to your assessor in the role of the Human Resources Manager.  In your email you should indicate where the advertisement should be placed in order to source external candidates. Your recommendations should be based on the Recruitment and Selection Policy requirements.   You must provide at least two possible sources. You should provide a clear rationale for using these sources, as well as details of the costs associated.
  4. Develop at least 10 interview questions to find out as much as you can about the candidate in relation to the job role as follows:

–      Ensure the questions obtain information that can be used to assess the applicant’s suitability against

the selection criteria and position description;

–      Use open, closed, situation and behavioural questions;

–      Ensure questions do not result in bias or discrimination.

When you have completed the interview questions, send them in an email to your assessor who will assess them according to whether they meet the criteria above.

You should also confirm who will be included on the selection panel as per the Recruitment, Selection and Induction policy.

  1. Shortlist candidates in accordance with the shortlisting guidelines in the Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure and the position description.

Review the candidate details below and assess which candidates should be shortlisted for the position based on the position requirements.

When you have completed the shortlist, send an email to your assessor in the role of the Human Resources Manager indicating which candidates you believe should be included in the short list and your reasons for this.

Summary of Candidates applying for role:

Carol Tibbs –Carol has a Bachelor in Business from 2000. Carol worked as an HR Officer between 1998 and 2002 but since then has been a stay at home Mum. Carol is now wishing to return to the workforce.

Bob Falter – Bob has a Masters of Human Resources Management and has been a taxi driver for the last 10 years. His application explains that he has been unable to get a job in HR, hence why he has been driving taxis.

Anne Barnes –Anne is an Events Officer at the Australian Human Resources Institute. She has been in this position for 10 years managing a range of human resources workshops and conferences. She is keen to move into a HR focused role. She has a Bachelor of Business specializing in Human Resources.

ReitaFaria –Reita is a HR Officer with a large bank. Reita has a Diploma of Human Resources

Management. She has recently managed the introduction of a new performance appraisal system.

Samiya Johns –Samiya has recently moved from Brisbane to Sydney and is seeking a new job because of her change of location. Samiya was previously employed with the University of Brisbane as a HR Officer. She was in the position for 2 years and only just recently resigned due to the move to Sydney. Samiya has an Advanced Diploma of Human Resources Management.

  1. Develop a schedule for the interview by selecting a day and time for the interview (this should reflect the date that you will conduct the role-play interview in the next assessment task). Develop a letter for each candidate that indicates that they have been selected for interview and of the date, time and location of their interview, as well as who will conduct the interview (yourself and the Human Resources Manager).

Email the letters to your assessor in the role of Human Resources Manager.

Assessment Task3: Interview and appointment project

Task summary

For this assessment, you are required to participate in an interview role-play, as well as complete required documentation for submission.  You will need to use some of the information from Assessment Task 2 to help you complete this assessment. The interviews will be conducted at the times and dates established in Assessment Task 2. Your assessor will observe you conducting the interview and will assess your performance.

After the interview you will also need to participate in a role-play to do with obtaining a referees report so prior to the interview, you will need to prepare at least five questions that you could ask a referee about a candidate.

You will also need to make arrangement for the appointment and induction of the candidate.

What you will need

  • Computer and Microsoft Office
  • Access to the internet for research
  • Access to fellow students to role play candidates
  • Access to your assessor to role play the Human Resources Manager and referee
  • Space to conduct an interview
  • Table, chairs and pens and paper
  • Selection report template

When and where do I do this?

This assessment should be completed in the classroom as part of the simulated work environment. The assessor will advise dates for submission.

Write in the date as advised by your assessor:

What do I have to submit?

  • Email attaching letter to Selection report
  • Email attaching letters advising unsuccessful candidates of outcomes
  • Letter of offer
  • Internal emails as indicated in the list of activities to be completed

What if I get something wrong?

If your assessor sees that you did not complete the task satisfactorily, they will give you feedback and ask you to redo it.


Review the following information if you are completing this assessment for the case study organisation.

Assume that at least three candidates have been selected for interview and that you have been asked by your HR Manager to participate in the interview and ask the interview questions that you created in Assessment Task 2.

Your assessor will role-play the Human Resources Manager and will also arrange for three students to role-play the short-listed candidates. These will be the three candidates that you shortlisted for assessment task 2. Your assessor will assist candidates to prepare for the interview.

Before the interview, you will need to set up the space for the interview so that it looks like a professional interview. Set up the space using a table and chairs, as well as pens and paper for making notes. You will also need to ensure you wear appropriate formal clothing for an interview situation.

Your assessor will welcome the candidate, introduce themselves and you, as well as provide a brief overview of the company.

It will be then your role to ask the questions you have prepared. The Human Resources Manager will close the interview.

Now complete the following activities:

  1. During the interview, demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills including:
  • Speaking clearly and concisely
  • Asking questions as required to identify required information
  • Responding to questions
  • Using active listening techniques to confirm or clarify information
  • Non-verbal communication skills to show interest and encouragement, including smiling, nodding, eye contact.
  1. At the interview:
  • Introduce self
  • Ask questions as per the identified and prepared interview questions.
  • Ask further questions as required based on the candidate’s response.
  • Listen carefully to the candidate’s responses and make notes
  • Farewell the candidate and thank them for their interest in attending.
  1. After the interview:
  • Discuss assessment of candidates with the HR Manager based on responses provided in the interview and according to selection criteria.
  • Identify and discuss preferred candidate and reasons for this.
  1. Obtain referee reports by participating in a role play with your assessor playing the referee for the selected candidate. Ask the assessor at least 5 questions that confirm the candidate’s details and their suitability for the position.
  2. Complete the selection report template provided by your assessor and send it via email to the CEO (your assessor) referring to the position recruited and attaching the selection report.
  3. Develop and send letters to unsuccessful candidates advising them that they have not been selected.

Send these letters to your assessor via email.

  1. Respond in writing to the following enquiry according to the Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy or own organisation’s procedures:

Dear Human Resources Officer

I was very disappointed not to have been selected for the position of Human Resources Advisor and do not understand why as I believe I have all of the required skills and knowledge.

Can you explain why I did not get the position? Kind Regards, X

  1. Develop the Letter of offer to the successful candidate by completing the template provided or use your own organisation’s template.
  2. Develop and send email to the CEO (your assessor) and your work team advising them of the new appointment including name of the person and starting date (you can make these details up).
  3. An email to the pay department (your assessor) indicating the date that the new employee is starting and asking them to make the necessary arrangements with the new employee.
  4. An email to the new employee (your assessor) indicating that they will be required to participate in an induction, the purpose of the induction, as well as the date and time of the induction.

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Homework Help Sites for MBA Students in Texas, USA

Help is always needed!

Students of any age and maturity need some help in doing their homework. Just like how younger students take help of their parents or elder siblings for completing their homework, students of higher grade need help of the ultimate helper – The Internet! However, books are equally a good source. But another fact that cannot be negated is that searching information from books is rather a cumbersome task than simply doing a “ctrl F” on the internet!

How Does the Helps in Doing MBA Homework in Texas,USA?

We all know would admit that the kind of help that books or internet can provide no other source can. Among the two, internet has an edge of course. Due to the user friendliness and availability of huge amount of information, internet scores an extra point over books. Now it is the age of technology, and almost all the students have a tablet, laptop or at least a smart phone. All the students are addicted to internet and social media.

The information available on the internet is vast, authentic and is of high quality. Most of the research results are posted on the internet. Especially for the MBA students, the internet is the best friend! There are a number of websites that help them to complete their homework assignments, and deliver the same with utmost quality and perfection.

The Available Options

There are a numerous sites available, both paid and unpaid. But students mostly prefer unpaid or free content. The reason we all know! Many websites operate only in one particular country or continent. However, many are accessible worldwide.

Which one to Choose?

Choosing a website for taking assistance in homework is actually a very important task. Out of the many reasons, one needs to consider the quality of the content, the source from which the same is taken, and due respect to the deadlines.

Out of the many options available, one such site is which is the number one site for helping MBA students in homework in Texas. There are many websites available over the internet offering similar services, but this one is the most preferred among the MBA students. Of the various benefits offered by the site, the following are the highlights:

  • Monetary Benefits: com quotes the least expensive cost for getting the assignment done. Also, a student can make partial payment once the homework is uploaded, and the remaining sum can be paid once the homework is received back. Thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction.
  • Constant Online Support: The tutors are available 24X7 to the seekers. Students can seek support from these expert academicians for their mba homework help.
  • Plagiarism Free Content: Even though MBA assignments involve many “Copy Paste” works, but the most important fact that should never be ignored is that the source from which the content is being copied or “inspired” should be genuine and authentic. The content on com qualifies for the same.
  • Meeting the Deadlines: This website ensures that the homework assignment is submitted to the students by the prescribed deadline, keeping in mind that the quality is not compromised. This website ensures the same.
  • Quality Professionals: Who is writing the content is equally important as to what is the content. We ensured that the content is written by experienced and qualified professionals. So the quality of the homework is never compromised.

In view of the above, the students can rest assured that they have got their perfect friend for assisting them in all their homework. All their search ends here!

Tips For Writing Homework For MBA College Students

Many people live under an illusion that MBA is all about doing power point presentations and submitting business reports. But folks, that’s not so! An MBA student is supposed to be an all-rounder, be it power point presentation, or preparing financial reports or arriving at balance sheets or doing homework.


Once we pass out our school, the first thought that strikes our head is “Whoa!! No more Home Work! But that’s not the case. Be it any course of study, home work is an integral and inseparable part of our academics. So is the case for MBA also. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is that we need to be more professional and grammatically mature while doing MBA homework.

We are not going to get into the actual “Content” part of your homework, because that’s all about the curriculum and the subject. We shall only talk about the “how to do” part of the homework, and also the “what to do” part.


We must not forget is that the level of thought and vocabulary that is involved is different and of a higher level. Moving on to the real “TIPS” now, first we must understand that different subjects require different approach to writing. For example, if you are doing a homework assignment in Financial Management, the work should be very crisp and numerically perfect. And when it comes to Human Resource Management or Marketing Management, the examples one includes should be more people and product oriented, respectively. However, it is always good to produce real life examples and case studies.


This is the first question that should come to your mind. The content and style of the homework depends on the subject of the same. Different subjects demand different approach. The table below will give you an idea on what should be the approach for different subjects.

S. No. Subject Approach Focus on
1 Marketing Management Theoretical + Practical Real life companies following the particular principles
2 Financial Management Practical / Hypothetical Strategies of various financially sound companies / projects and business reports
3 Human Resource Management Theoretical + Practical People centric approach; Policies of  large or small corporates
4 Operations Management Practical Site examples of manufacturing firms


This is the next question that what the “mode” of the homework is. Is it a hand-written, typed or printed?

  • In case of a hand written homework, you must keep in mind that the hand writing should be legible. It should at least look neat, if not beautiful. You can use different colors for headings and sub-headings. Using pictorial and tabular representation of facts and examples will enhance the quality of work.
  • In case of a typed homework assignment, make sure that you don’t use too artistic and decorative font. This would only decrease the legibility of the work. You can use clip arts and tables to beautify the work.


  • While submitting a printed assignment for homework, it will always be better to use as less number of papers as possible. After all, optimum use of resources is an integral part of “Management”. So it will be better to use small but legible font size and double side printing to save time and paper.


Time management cannot be learned in any book or class. That’s the skill one has to attain through practice and planning. Mostly an MBA level homework is given sufficient time for submission. Homework in MBA is not only rare, but also a high demanding part of the curriculum. It is one way to test your skills. Prioritize, prepare and produce!


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Develop A Change Management Strategy

This task requires you to develop a change management project plan that outlines how the change will be implemented within the organisation and the resources needed for the change to be implemented, timeframes for completion, how the change will be communicated to all staff regarding the implementation of the change within the organisation and approvals required etc. Students not working will need to work in conjunction with your workplace coach to develop a change management project plan that outlines how the change will be implemented within the workplace coach’s organisation.

Your change management project plan must include the following aspects:

A.    An overview of the change that must include the following information:
• The type of change being proposed and the reasons why the change is needed
• The scope of the change (e.g. who in the organisation will be affected in the organisation and how far reaching the change will be in the organisation)
• The organisation’s vision of the change (e.g. where the organisation is now and where it would like itself to be)
• What are three concept shifts required for this change to occur? (e.g. what will people within the organisation need to do to think differently about this change?)
• What has the organisation done to ensure that the business is ready to change?

B.    The particulars of the change that must include the following information:

How the change will take place (e.g. consider whether the organisation structure will need to be changed, will new systems and processes be needed for the change to take place, how relationships could change in the organisation, will the workplace culture embrace the changes, how will staff share information)
• Process changes (e.g. will the change require entirely new changes to process, what are the changes to process?)
• People changes (e.g. how will this change affect staff roles and responsibilities?)
• Information changes (e.g. how will information be shared amongst staff in the organisation to detail the change?)

Action plan for the change (including each change activity, who is responsible for it and the timeframes for each aspect of the change (e.g. time to complete each change activity )
• Resources required for change • Cost of the change (e.g. the information from the cost-benefit analysis you conducted in assessment task 2 will be helpful here. This can include the estimate of the total cost for the resources and activities needed to carry out the change and where the funds will come from)
• Risks involved in the change (e.g. based on the risk assessment conducted in assessment task 2 and can include what risks may occur before, during, and after implementation and what tactics will be put in place to minimise these risks?)
• Identify what kind of resistance to change may occur?
• Identify what reporting procedures will need to be put in place (e.g. if something goes wrong, who should the issue be reported to?)
• Detail what approvals will need to be sought and from whom

C.    A communication plan that must include the following:

Why the communications need to take place?
• When communication will need to go out to staff
• Who the communication will be directed to?
• The reason for the communication
• What risks are involved with the different communication?
• What methods will be used to educate staff and embed the change?
• What are the key messages to be sent out?

Homework Help Online for MBA College Students

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a management course, which is very interesting course done by people from a wide range of academic.. In some MBA Institutes, Students are allowed to select a particular MBA programme where they can focus and concentrate approximately one-third of their studies.

 The profession of MBA is regarded as the highly earned profession nowadays. If you want to be a successful man you must get an MBA degree with the high grade. But getting an MBA degree is not an easy task. You are given loads of assignment work on the daily basis based on the topics which you will never find in the books, and you have to do deep research to complete them. The good news is that we Online Homework Help for MBA service providers can become a helping hand for you and can provide you with online help.

Online Homework Help for Management Students-USA, UAE,UK and Australia

Online Homework Help for MBA has been providing assignment help to the MBA students of the prestigious institutions all over the world. We are available online for 24×7 hrs to provide homework help and assistance to MBA students. Our Online Homework Help for MBA has the reputation of being one of the top online MBA help providers and being acknowledged by the students for providing excellent tutorials on MBA and notes on MBA.

Our Online Homework Help MBA team comprises reputed MBA scholars who have professional degrees in MBA and Management System, works proficiently to meet the needs of the students, which results excellence in MBA subject and getting good grades in MBA examinations. Our service providers prepares topic unique MBA articles, MBA research paper, MBA help materials, MBA notes and MBA study material to your satisfaction.

Our MBA help is provided after carrying out in depth research and analysis to produce the best result. We follow the strict schedule and assure on time delivery of all the study materials.

Our Homework help Online Writing services include:

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We write your MBA assignments from practical knowledge. You are welcome to hire us for any other sort of assignment work apart from Online Homework Help for MBA assignments. We always give you work that is supported by deep research and analysis. We make it certain that only authentic and genuine information is included in your assignment work keeping in mind that MBA study is a very important as it links amongst the students, Institutes and universities with the business world.

Homework Help online writer for MBA college students

Our professional Online Homework Help for MBA service consists of writers who are day and night struggling and efficiently writing your assignments just to make your success path easily approachable. Our standardized MBA assignment help that is truly a presentation of our writer’s talents and skills. We also give you consultation if you are stuck at any stage of your assignment writing. All the documents are 100% appropriately referenced according to the rules of the writing format. The methodology is also according to the International standards that are accepted globally. Our modest prices are one of the factors that make us the number one company for providing MBA assignment help to you.

We are 24×7 and providing support to our clients for urgent help on MBA, and leave all your worries with us.