Develop A Change Management Strategy

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This task requires you to develop a change management project plan that outlines how the change will be implemented within the organisation and the resources needed for the change to be implemented, timeframes for completion, how the change will be communicated to all staff regarding the implementation of the change within the organisation and approvals required etc. Students not working will need to work in conjunction with your workplace coach to develop a change management project plan that outlines how the change will be implemented within the workplace coach’s organisation.

Your change management project plan must include the following aspects:

A.    An overview of the change that must include the following information:
• The type of change being proposed and the reasons why the change is needed
• The scope of the change (e.g. who in the organisation will be affected in the organisation and how far reaching the change will be in the organisation)
• The organisation’s vision of the change (e.g. where the organisation is now and where it would like itself to be)
• What are three concept shifts required for this change to occur? (e.g. what will people within the organisation need to do to think differently about this change?)
• What has the organisation done to ensure that the business is ready to change?

B.    The particulars of the change that must include the following information:

How the change will take place (e.g. consider whether the organisation structure will need to be changed, will new systems and processes be needed for the change to take place, how relationships could change in the organisation, will the workplace culture embrace the changes, how will staff share information)
• Process changes (e.g. will the change require entirely new changes to process, what are the changes to process?)
• People changes (e.g. how will this change affect staff roles and responsibilities?)
• Information changes (e.g. how will information be shared amongst staff in the organisation to detail the change?)

Action plan for the change (including each change activity, who is responsible for it and the timeframes for each aspect of the change (e.g. time to complete each change activity )
• Resources required for change • Cost of the change (e.g. the information from the cost-benefit analysis you conducted in assessment task 2 will be helpful here. This can include the estimate of the total cost for the resources and activities needed to carry out the change and where the funds will come from)
• Risks involved in the change (e.g. based on the risk assessment conducted in assessment task 2 and can include what risks may occur before, during, and after implementation and what tactics will be put in place to minimise these risks?)
• Identify what kind of resistance to change may occur?
• Identify what reporting procedures will need to be put in place (e.g. if something goes wrong, who should the issue be reported to?)
• Detail what approvals will need to be sought and from whom

C.    A communication plan that must include the following:

Why the communications need to take place?
• When communication will need to go out to staff
• Who the communication will be directed to?
• The reason for the communication
• What risks are involved with the different communication?
• What methods will be used to educate staff and embed the change?
• What are the key messages to be sent out?

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