Every under graduate who dreams of getting into a professional course for higher studies, feels very excited and overwhelmed after joining an MBA program. There are so many expectations and dreams about the course and its applications and scopes. A student is totally transformed in due course, and by the time the course is completed the student also becomes an entirely different “Professional”. Yes, that’s how it is!

MBA Homework Assignment – A Background:-

Just like in any other courses available in the educational “market”, homework is an integral part in MBA also. But what makes MBA homework different from others is the content and quality of it. Most of the MBA homework is not the regular “Copy-Paste” thing from the text book. However, it may demand a “Copy-Paste” from various sources together. Jokes apart, all that one has to understand is that the MBA assignment needs a lot of focus and understanding of the concept. And most of the work is given for a team to complete. However, some individual task may also be given.

The Team and the Efforts:-

Like it was mentioned earlier, most of the MBA homework assignment is given as a Team job. So was this one! A team of 4 or 5 at the max, helps to maintain the real “Team Sense”, as this also should be kept in mind that “too many cooks spoil the broth”.  Every team generally has a literature specialist, a great researcher and at least one computer graffiti. The work is better to be divided according to the individual’s interest, capabilities and, of course, strength. After all, that is what is called “Team Work”. Even if the homework is supposed to be done individually, all that becomes applicable to the same person. That’s how all-rounders are made!

Collecting or Collating the Information:-

Data collection is the most important part of the assignment was will concentrate highly. Be it Human Resources Management, or Marketing Management, or Financial Management or Operations Management, all one needs is an appropriate and authentic data or information. So as far as collection of data is concerned, it has to be from a very authentic source.  We will keep in mind that the information collected should have a very strong reference, either to a book or a very authentic web source. If the information is wrong, none of the next steps can be correct.

Processing the Information to Complete the Task:-

Just like a computer cannot produce the correct program unless the input is correct, one cannot submit a correct and good quality assignment unless the information collected is correct. Next process is to process the information properly. If it is a power-point presentation, the slides need to be so well staged and arranged in the proper order that all the information collectively makes the right sense. Same is the case with all other types of homework assignment. MBA homework involving solving of case studies in HRM or Marketing need a lot of focus and attention to minute details. Whereas in Operations Management or Financial Management need strong conceptual, numerical and analytical skills. One has to be very strong with numbers.

The Overall Experience

The best benefit of a team job is that everyone forgets the individual difference and complements one another in producing a great result.  Everyone learns from one another and that’s what we call “transfer of skills”. The weakness is overcome by skills. In case of an individual job, one learns to become a typist, an IT expert and a full-on market researcher. Besides, we cannot forget the beautiful interpersonal relationships that are brewed during the work. The fun, the sleepless nights and the joy of completing the work by the deadline is something else! As told earlier, that’s how all-rounders are made!

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