Help On Developing Nursing Questions-Answer

The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate students in:
-Formulating a person centred, care plan for the management of a person with history of an upper gastrointestinal bleed.

Case Study

Mr. Barker’s condition has been stabilised, he has returned from the Endoscopy unit to the ward under your care. He has been ordered a unit of packed cells to be started as soon as possible; followed by a litre of 0.9% Sodium Chloride over 8 hours. His current vital signs are:

BP 110/65

HR 95

  1. 37.2

SpO2 98% with nasal prongs at 2L/minute

Resp. rate 22

GCS 15

Using a report format,(using headings and subheadings) discuss what needs to be included in a person centred nursing care plan, (client needs/problems, goals, implementation and evaluation), for the first 48hours of Mr. Barker’s stay on the ward, giving rationales for your decisions. Incorporate the information you have from assessment task 1 about Mr. Barker’s medical and social history and the risk factors for peptic ulcer into your discussion.

At least 3 problems must be discussed. For example:

Vital Signs



There are other problems that can be taken into account considering his social and medical history outlined above and in assessment task 1.

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