Implement And Review Change Management Strategy

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This task requires you to complete tasks A – D outlined below:

A.    Implement the change management strategy within your organisation/your
workplace coach’s organisation for a period of two weeks. Students not working will need to discuss the implementation with their workplace coach and document their observations of how the strategy was received. You may do this as a series of notes or as a journal to be submitted as evidence. The observations may include but are not limited to:

• How consistently staff were able to adapt to the new changes
• What kind of feeling there was from staff about the new changes?
• Whether documentation was filled in correctly (if that was part of the implementation)
• Whether there were complaints/comments from staff and clients about the new change
• Whether there was resistance to the new change from staff and clients
• Were there sufficient resources for the change to be implemented effectively?
• Were there any WHS issues that arose as part of the change (if applicable)?

B.    You will need to identify at least three barriers (if possible) that arose during the implementation of the strategy and how they were addressed based on feedback from stakeholders. Those students not working will need to discuss this with their workplace coach to determine any barriers that occurred and document their coach’s answers.

C.    At the end of the implementation period you are required to review and evaluate the change management strategy. Students not working will need to review and evaluate the strategy with their workplace coach based on feedback collected and their coach’s observations. This review will be conducted according to the continuous improvement processes of your workplace/ your workplace coach’s organisation.
Utilise and attach examples of the documentation your organisation/your workplace coach’s organisation uses (e.g. continuous improvement policy and procedure).

D.    Modify the change management strategy based on the review findings and attach a copy to this assessment task.

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