Memorandum Preparation To A Law Firm Partner

Title : Client letter of advice and supporting memorandum.

Your supporting memorandum must be written in the style of a memo to your supervising partner and otherwise comply with the style and formatting requirements set out in QUT’s Legal Referencing Guidelines

Students will write and submit a letter of advice and supporting memorandum to a law firm partner in relation to a given problem in equity – due week 6 (Friday 1 September).

Prepare a memorandum to a law firm partner which explains the legal issue(s) in equity applicable for the client and outlines the relevant law. The memorandum should apply the facts of the client’s problem to the law, before reaching conclusions regarding the prospects of success, or potential liabilities, for the client. References should be contained within footnotes in accordance with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. No Bibliography is required

  1. Prepare a letter to your client to advise them regarding their potential claim(s) or liability(s) in equity.

Word limit:750 words.

Your letter exhibits limited or no compliance with the format of a legal letter, containing numerous errors in the following:

  • firm letter head
  • firm references
  • date
  • special instructions
  • name and address of addressee
  • salutation
  • subject line
  • substance/body of letter
  • complimentary close
  • signature
  • professional set-out (eg. headings, margins)

typeface (12 point font & single line spaced for body of letter)

Your letter exhibits limited or no compliance with appropriate structure of a legal letter, containing numerous errors in:

  • word limit adhered to & letter succinctly written
  • a beginning (eg. referring to recent communication or stating purpose of letter)

a middle (eg.

  • confirming client’s instructions/facts and appropriately structured advice to client)

an end (eg. indicating what client needs to do, inviting client to contact you)

Your writing is not satisfactory as the meaning is unclear; inappropriate and/or complicated legal language has been used; limited plain English; unprofessional tone, not suited to client’s background. Evidence of proofreading is lacking. Numerous misspellings and examples of poor punctuation or grammar.