Purchasing Management Assignment Questions

Assignment Brief on Purchasing Management Assignment

Select an organisation that you are familiar with and assure that  you are the purchasing of the organization. analyze the   effectiveness of these three
(aspects of the purchasing management ) namely suplier selection criteria and related issues (eg. & communication technologies (ICT)  purchasing operations and management.

You are required to consult   and fully referent a MINIMUM of 10 references (e.g., book; www; journal ode from the full-text databases; current affairs magazine; newspaper etc.). The use of VVIKIPEDIA online encyclopedia is NOT allowed. The word range of this essay is about 2,000 words.
The report must fulfill the following requirements:
•    More marks will be awarded for reports which provide more detailed discussion and in-
depth analysis with adequate referencing to the purchasing concepts and models

Assignment Format:
The report should be presented as follows:
•    Introduction – Outline the purpose of this essay (about 100 words) and provide the key information about the selected local retailer (about 200 words), information includes products, supplier markets, competitors, organizational goals and strategies etc.
•    Supplier Selection Criteria and Issues – Analyze the    purchasing goals and needs of the selected organization and the relevant information. recommend the appropriate criteria to be considered when selecting supplier(s) and the decisions required to be made for issues relating to supplier selection (about 500 words).
•    ICT For Purchasing Operations – Analyze the•oafs and needs of the selected organization and the relevant information Recommend the ICT to be applied for improving purchasing operations (about 500 words)
•    Purchasing ‘Cost Analysis – Analyze the purchasing goals and needs of the selected organization and the relevant information. Recommend tie appropriate tools to be considered for analysing the purchasing costs (about 500 words)
•    Conclusion – Reinstates all of the significant parts of this report and refers the reader back to the focus that have outlined in the introduction and to the
the report a sense of unity (about 200 words)

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