Project Management P&G in India Case Study Help

Project: P&G in India

Description: Procter & Gamble (P&G), established in 1837, is a multinational
company and one of the largest consumer packaged goods companies in the world, providing personal care products, cleaning agents food and beverage. It operates in 80 countries with 129,000 employees worldwide. In 2014, the company reached revenues of $82.6 billion. The company has one of the largest and strongest portfolios of trusted brands, including Pampers, Tide, Ariel, Always, Pantene, Charmin, Downy, Lams, Crest and Olay. P&G has two operating divisions called Global Business Units (GBU): Beauty Grooming and Household care. Each GBU is meant to define and drive its strategy  through the understanding of the consumer needs.
The P&G market is organized geographically: North America, Western Europe,
Central/Eastern Europe, Middle East/Africa, Latin America and Asia. You work in a Project Team, for the Global Business Services Department, in charge of helping GBUs to better answer consumer needs by providing: retailer knowledge for
each market, innovative business plans for each country, technology and processes.
After months of political gridlock, at the end of 2014, the Indian government approved the entry of large international supermarket chains into the country’s retail sector. But there are some issues to be considered: retailing competitors (Carrefour, Tesco, Wal-Mart,…), and the local retail traders (vigorously opposed to compete with foreign giants, pressing the government to establish entry barriers).

In this scenario the required skills are following: International Strategy; Project
Management; Retailing; Emerging markets; International Negotiation and Sales +
Marketing. Since this is a strategic market for the company, the P&G Board has
assigned your Project Team to organize all the work to be done to deliver: a project plan including scope, milestones, resources, risks and stakeholders involved, to perform a report about a Hypermarket Channel Strategy in India. The initial P&G Board requirements are:
– Ensure that the Indian regulatory framework allows the entry of P&G products
in large international supermarket chains.
– Ensure that there is enough market size for the entry of P&G products and
– Ensure the need (or not) for adaptation of P&G products to the Indian market
and the buying behavior.
– Ensure distribution channels and local logistics centers.
– Ensure the need for specific marketing programs for the Indian market.
– Identify the resources required to launch this internationalization strategy,
costs, schedule, potential risks and stakeholders.

As a Project Manager, answer the next questions for the development of an
Internationalization Strategy for P&G in India:
a) What are the most important stakeholders of this project and the critical
success factors?
b) What are your estimation of time and your estimation of human resources
(and profile of your project team) to perform this project?
c) How would you organize all the work to be done of this project?

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3410ICT Case Study Analysis Homework Help

A written analysis (3410ICT 2000 words; 7101ICT 2500 words) of complex ethical problems similar to those which you might encounter in the IT industry. Using the Ethical Decision Model as outlined in the textbook, analyze the situation and arrive at a rational, evidence-based course of action. Your reasoning should be made clear (show how you arrived at the decision, don’t just present the decision). You should make reference to the Normative Ethical Theories (as outlined in text) as part of your analysis. You are free to mention any other content from the text that you see fit to use.

To help you understand the task:

Analyze the case study, making use of the Ethical Decision Making Model as provided in the text book. Your analysis should include the points of view of the main characters.
Synthesize the findings of your analysis into a prioritized set of conclusions for each of the main characters, and
Evaluate and present your conclusions to determine what would be the ethical course of action for the characters?


SWOT Analysis Homework Help

SWOT Analysis

A) SWOT analysis

The SWOT of a company speaks of the strength, weakness, opportunities and the threats that a company is likely to face in the long run of its operations (Pickton et al. 2008). Analyzing the internal and the external market of Best Pearls, the external and the internal conditions can be best analyzed by using the method of SWOT. In keeping with the factor of strength it can be stated that the reputation, brand image and the natural techniques of making are the major advantages of Best Pearl. The weaknesses can be stated to be the continuous recruitment of new staff, the absence of Human Resource Information System (HRIS), and the improper communication between the staffs at the different showrooms. The company has the opportunity of expanding its business to the other parts of the country. At the same time, it can increase the number of showrooms and also go international. The context of threat can be discussed with reference to the competition the firm is likely to face from the peers. The threat of market price, availability of raw materials is also present.

Table 1: SWOT analysis

Source: Author

  1. B) HRIS and its importance

The human resource information system or the HRIS is software that provides the scope of online data entry, tracking of the data and the information, the requirements of the human resource, the management of the system of payroll and the other accounting and transaction details of the company (Kovach et al. 2002). The HRIS is different for different companies. They come as packages that are taken up by the companies as per the needs and the requirements of the organization. The HRIS helps in the management of all employee information; reporting and the analysis of the details; the management of the guidelines and the circulation of the same amongst the employees; complete integration with the payroll; keeping a track of the applications and the management of the resumes (Sabrina, 2014).

The implementation of the HRIS pan in Best Pearls will be useful to tackle the growth of the employees and their details. It will also be a useful tool that would be keeping the track of the training, the pay hikes, the management of the key employees, the training and the payment schemes. The work of the HR department will be made far easier if the system of HRIS is implemented in the organization. An effective HRIS will be able to provide information about anything that the company would need to track about the employees (Mondy et al. 2005). The software can be easily customized based on the needs of the organization. Not only for the company, but also for the employees, the HRIS will be an easy communication mode. The employees will be seldom able to update all the details about themselves and the changes can be updated instantly. Best Pearls has a continuous requirement of new staff and receives many applications. The implementation of the HRIS will make the process easier for the HR department.

  1. C) Reviewing the process

There are certain steps which are required to be followed in order to set up the perfect working of the organization. Each organization has its own rules and regulations. These regulations are however made in keeping a note of the employees and the management so that both the ends are benefitted.

  1. While the policies and the procedures are being made, the HR manager is the prime one responsible for the course of action (Bas, 2012). However the person needs to discuss the same along with the senior staff members and the board of the company. As stated the rules, policies and the regulations of the company need to be such that they cater to the needs of the employees. It has to be kept such as manpower is the biggest tool of business, and the term of employee satisfaction has taken the front seat.
  2. The policies and the procedures could be sent to the staff via email and a specific training session could be held for the new as well as the existing staff of the company.
  • The reviewing of the entire process should be well planned, so that the employees are not bothered by the regular change and neither do the rules turn obsolete.


Recruitment procedures

  1. Job analysis
  2. Entry level trainees (4)
  3. Executive assistant
  4. Business development manager
  1. Job description
  2. Getting trained about the job and the quality of product; to learn the entire thing fully.
  3. To assist the heads in the work
  4. To develop the business and create new prospects for further advancement.
  1. Job vacancy advertising
  2. Based on qualifications, recruitment of fresher.
  3. Experienced in the stream of jewels and pearls specifically.
  4. Highly experienced professional with sense f business development
  1. Receiving applications
  2. Relevant candidates who match the criteria and are eager to learn.
  3. Suitable candidates to be sorted and the best to be shortlisted.
  4. The best of the lot to be taken in.

Selection procedure

The applications received from the candidates are to be sorted out and the best amongst them are to be called for interview (Marsden, 2004). The selected candidates are to be intimated through email and letters. They are supposed to undergo the process of documentation that is the verification of the documents. The candidates are required to give a minimum of two references who could be a guide to the company about the nature and the manner of the candidates.

Induction procedure

The process is important to make the employees comfortable with the new system of work and the environment they are supposed to be in (Mondy et al. 2005). it involves the process of documentation and talking to the employees, introducing them to their departments and the existing employees.


Recruitment procedure

  1. A warehouse manager is required in Best Pearls for one of the company warehouses.
  1. Job advertisement

A warehouse manager is required by Best Pearls for one of its warehouses in Sydney. The manager has to take care of the people working, supervise the work going on and also keep a record of the components of the house. The manager needs to be a qualified graduate with experience in the field of supervisory activities.

  1. E-mail
  2. Dear applicant,

With reference to your application for the post of warehouse manager at Best Pearls, you are hereby requested to appear for an interview with us on Monday 2nd February, 2015 at 9 A.M. You must be carrying a copy of your resume, along with the documents for review. Please carry a copy of this email as a reference. The dress code should be kept formal.

Wish you all the luck


Best Pearls

Sub Sea Adventure Case Study Homework Help

A case study of Sub Sea Adventure


The Activity is meant to improve the business operation by adding efficiencies and removing drawbacks and errors that are consistently on the rise. Therefore the main motive is to provide training to the employees of the Sea Scuba Adventures so that they can manage business in a better way and remove errors that were increasing. Along with that their customers were also provided training and assistance so that they can make maximum use of the online facility to book for the required service and even select their slot for scuba diving. The outcome will be online reservation for the business and better handling of business operation which will result in increasing profits earning and better management for the company.

The PID of the Activity Start Document will help in understanding the scope and objective of the Activity. Also an outline of the whole Activity and the process of Activity management process will be initiated.

Activity scope

The Activity scope is to provide training to the employees of the company so that they could learn, understand and apply the new information system that will be applied for upgrading the business operation. The method used will be Arrangement of prototype for the system, screes for forms and manuals for recording training process.

These way efforts will be made to improve the business efficiency and effectiveness through adding skills to the present employees so that they can faster manage work and achieve high success and gains for the organization. Thus time wastage, mishandling of bookings and addition to confusion will all be avoided. An integrated business process that handles all types of booking from all three shops will be therefore be achieved so that the customer can be handled well and the business operation can achieve higher level of effectiveness and gains.

The Activity scope thus includes the addition of the information system in the regular business operation so that the employees can easily manage work through improved system of online booking. This will give them enough time to handle clients and arrange slots and plan accordingly. On the other hand the customers will be facilitated with the online booking facility which can avail from anywhere they want to. This will help in increasing the business output and gains and allow the company to increase business efficiency and therefore earnings from it.

Activity approach

An Agile approach will be used for completing the Activity so that the Needs of the stakeholders will be identified and the business Needs will be fulfilled. The university consultants will offer prototype of the original system so that the clients can practice its usage and learn to make it more beneficial task for them.

The methodology using Agile approach will actually help in consuming lesser time with the minimum cost expenditures. Efforts will be made to keep clients and end user participate in the training process so that they both can learn, understand and apply the advantage of new technological inputs.

Four Stages of the Activity will be made in the following format.

Stage I: Activity start.

Stage II: Data collection.

Stage III: Identifying and preparing for the training Needs.

Stage IV: Applying training.

Also the eight working hours and weekend holidays will be considered while framing the WBS or Work Breakdown Structure so that the most desired outcome is achieved in the end of the Activity.

Work Breakdown Structure Duration in days.
1.      Activity
1.1.   Stage1: Activity Start
1.1.1.      Creation of PID 2
1.1.2.      Meeting on Activity start and signing up PID. 1
1.2.   Stage 2: Data Collection
1.2.1.      Need Analysis            Interview Stakeholders 3            Examination 2            Arrangement of Need analysis document 2
1.3.   Stage 3: Arrangement of Training Materials
1.3.1.      Receipt of prototype system 5
1.3.2.      Activity Planning 2
1.3.3.      Activity Scheduling 2
1.3.4.      Resource Planning 2
1.3.5.      Preparing manuals 10
1.3.6.      Preparing help documents 10
1.3.7.      Preparing for frequently asked questionsFAQ 5
1.3.8.      Reviewing of the documents 3
1.3.9.      Uploading the manuals and help document on the website. 1
1.4.   Stage 4: Training
1.4.1.      Training session to the staffs            Offering training and assistance to each site                  Introducing to the system 4                  Participation in acceptance test. 2                  Checking for problems with the employees. 2
1.4.2.      Providing online help. 6 months


The resources of this Activity are,

Resource Number of Resource Charge/hour
Activity manager 1 $185
Business researcher 1 $125
Technical writer 1 $95
Trainer 3 $125


Other needs that will be supplied include the followings.

  1. Laptops for the team so that they can easily convey the training material to the clients.
  2. Upgraded software to support the training session.
  3. Prototype software to help understand and assist the usage of the new system of online booking.

The Activity overview report is as follows.

Activity overview is therefore 0%.

The start activity over is between Sun 2/15/15 – Tuesday 11/24/15.

Resource Overview reports are,

Work Status:

The percentage work done by all the work resources can be displayed as follows.

The resource Status is stated as below.

Name Start Finish Work remaining in hours.
Activity manager 2/15/15 4/29/15 72
Business researcher 2/18/15 2/26/15 56
Technical writer 4/30/15 6/8/15 224
Trainer 6/9/15 6/18/15 64

The Work status for overallocated resources can be displayed as follows.

Surplus work assigned to over allocated resources can be stated as below.


Cost status for work resources are as follows.

Cost distribution can be depicted as below.

Cost Details are stated as below.

Name Actual Work (in hours) Actual Cost ( in $) Standard Rate (per hour)
Activity manager 0 0 185
Business researcher 0 0 125
Technical writer 0 0 95
Trainer 0 0 125

Cash Flow can be stated as below.

Resource Cost varience:


Cost (in dollars)

Baseline cost

Cost varience.

Activity manager




Business researcher




Technical writer









Jihad or Terrorism-A Critical Analysis Homework Help

Jihad or Terrorism- a critical Analysis

Terrorism is a rebellion of a group of people, who unite to oppose something. The term terrorism refers that the group develops terror. It is a very confusing term, since the person who faces terror is very much uncertain here. The terror may be for the common mass, may be for a particular body even. The person or the group who faces the threat depends on the type or pattern of terrorism. So, the terror is for that person or that group, against whom the rebellion has been raised. (Abou El Fadl, K., 2001). Now what is a Jihad? Jihad essentially means to fight against sin. Now deciding, who a sin is, depends on the religious terminologies only. However, when someone finds discrimination in their own nation with others, who are foreigners, then also, it is said to be a Jihad.

Who faces the terror from the terrorists and jihadist?

Generally terrorism rises in protest of a government, a government leader or even a government style, if it’s a political terrorism. There are other forms of terrorism too. Terrorism might be against a religion or the people who practices or supports a religion too. Terrorism may be against the society also, where the society and the societal beings are blamed. The blame is often of torture. But there are other blames also. (Baylis, J. and Smith, S., 2001) Exploitation of other religion and the people following that religion is often an issue of terrorism. There are several issues in the historical past, where the blame is to exploit the society or a nation. Then the terrorism is raised against the person or that group of persons, who are blamed to exploit the state. (Williams, M., 2003)

Jihadist on the other hand threatens the ruling system and the government. Since, the Jihadist struggle against the foreigner’s importance in his or her own nation, the threat directly goes to the government and the foreigners too. (Bergen, P. 2001)  However, it depends on the group of the Jihadist, whether they attack the foreigners or not. If they are having their objective perfectly balanced, and if they are focused to the objective, then usually they won’t target the foreigners. They think that disturbing them would spread wrong names on their own nation.

Types of terrorism among Jihadists

A political rebellion can be against the political party or can even be against few political leaders. The chances of terrorism there is least, since there is the chance to change the government through election. (Christensen, T., Laegreid, P. and Rykkja, L. 2013) If the nation’s rule does not support democracy, then the chance of terrorism for such issues increases. The political terrorism is mainly against the ruling method of the government. If that nation follows democracy, then the entire society is blamed for the activities. This makes the total society as the target for the rebellion team or the terrorists. (Cooley, J., 2000) Under such condition, it becomes easy for the government to mark the rebellion team as terrorist group, as societal harms are caused by them.

Jihadist on the other hand starts their rebellion in the form of non-violent attacks. When they sit repetitively on the negotiation table and find no result, then they go for the violent attack.

Harmful effects, Jihadists may provide

The major harm that a jihadist provides to a nation and to the international world is essentially an economic damage. The violent attacks that they usually provide to the nation and to the international citizens are targeted are essentially to make the nation weaken from all aspects, including the aspects like economical, political, social and security. (Darity, W. 2008) Thus in one word, it can be said that they harms the nations in such a way that the national backbone breaks down and they have to suffer a lot. This suffering will create a situation, where the nations have to accept their words. This is the ideology of the Jihadists, in general. (Drucker, P. 1998)

Terrorist types among the Jihadist

Thus terrorism can be of two types. One is a non-violent and other is the violent terrorism. Dividing the group of rebellion has been proven to be a perfect tool to de-synchronize the rebellions. A non-violent rebellion is very much tough to be handled. Dividing the rebellions can even be more dangerous. The break up creates more violent teams. (Drumbl, M., 2002) Each team will have its own strategy of attack. Thus the government has to tackle different sets of Protestants at the same time. One thing is that the violent attacks are easily marked as an act of terrorism, as that provides a real threat to the general citizens. Jihadist on the other hand starts their rebellion in the form of non-violent attacks. When they sit repetitively on the negotiation table and find no result, then they go for the violent attack.

How to decide the right act of Jihadists

Jihadists are the type of terrorist who fights for their own existence. The existence might be of their Religion, or may be the freedom as a citizen. Freedom fighters usually take the violent route, when they have no other means to struggle. Since, they have the sentiment of the national interest, and they also have the sentiment of harming the people of their own nation, they always try to deal in the non-violent way, but if that is not accepted by any means, they go for the violent attacks. However the weapons or the missiles that they use in the violent war are generally supplied by the enemy neighbor nation, to gain their political importance in the globe. (Eisenman, R., 2008) Government generally identifies the common people, who got injury or even death as common and general mass, but if they are involved in the wrong-act, then they cannot be general mass. If the common mass and the general citizens are provided with a power to elect and given power for self-rule and then also they are supporting the corruption and exploitation of government, then they cannot be some unknowing people. (Gage, B. 2009) If they are having that power to make a government by their own, and still they are taking active participation in the governments misacts and misdeeds, then how can they be treated as common fellows?