Tips For Writing Homework For MBA College Students

Many people live under an illusion that MBA is all about doing power point presentations and submitting business reports. But folks, that’s not so! An MBA student is supposed to be an all-rounder, be it power point presentation, or preparing financial reports or arriving at balance sheets or doing homework.


Once we pass out our school, the first thought that strikes our head is “Whoa!! No more Home Work! But that’s not the case. Be it any course of study, home work is an integral and inseparable part of our academics. So is the case for MBA also. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is that we need to be more professional and grammatically mature while doing MBA homework.

We are not going to get into the actual “Content” part of your homework, because that’s all about the curriculum and the subject. We shall only talk about the “how to do” part of the homework, and also the “what to do” part.


We must not forget is that the level of thought and vocabulary that is involved is different and of a higher level. Moving on to the real “TIPS” now, first we must understand that different subjects require different approach to writing. For example, if you are doing a homework assignment in Financial Management, the work should be very crisp and numerically perfect. And when it comes to Human Resource Management or Marketing Management, the examples one includes should be more people and product oriented, respectively. However, it is always good to produce real life examples and case studies.


This is the first question that should come to your mind. The content and style of the homework depends on the subject of the same. Different subjects demand different approach. The table below will give you an idea on what should be the approach for different subjects.

S. No. Subject Approach Focus on
1 Marketing Management Theoretical + Practical Real life companies following the particular principles
2 Financial Management Practical / Hypothetical Strategies of various financially sound companies / projects and business reports
3 Human Resource Management Theoretical + Practical People centric approach; Policies of  large or small corporates
4 Operations Management Practical Site examples of manufacturing firms


This is the next question that what the “mode” of the homework is. Is it a hand-written, typed or printed?

  • In case of a hand written homework, you must keep in mind that the hand writing should be legible. It should at least look neat, if not beautiful. You can use different colors for headings and sub-headings. Using pictorial and tabular representation of facts and examples will enhance the quality of work.
  • In case of a typed homework assignment, make sure that you don’t use too artistic and decorative font. This would only decrease the legibility of the work. You can use clip arts and tables to beautify the work.


  • While submitting a printed assignment for homework, it will always be better to use as less number of papers as possible. After all, optimum use of resources is an integral part of “Management”. So it will be better to use small but legible font size and double side printing to save time and paper.


Time management cannot be learned in any book or class. That’s the skill one has to attain through practice and planning. Mostly an MBA level homework is given sufficient time for submission. Homework in MBA is not only rare, but also a high demanding part of the curriculum. It is one way to test your skills. Prioritize, prepare and produce!


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Implement And Review Change Management Strategy

This task requires you to complete tasks A – D outlined below:

A.    Implement the change management strategy within your organisation/your
workplace coach’s organisation for a period of two weeks. Students not working will need to discuss the implementation with their workplace coach and document their observations of how the strategy was received. You may do this as a series of notes or as a journal to be submitted as evidence. The observations may include but are not limited to:

• How consistently staff were able to adapt to the new changes
• What kind of feeling there was from staff about the new changes?
• Whether documentation was filled in correctly (if that was part of the implementation)
• Whether there were complaints/comments from staff and clients about the new change
• Whether there was resistance to the new change from staff and clients
• Were there sufficient resources for the change to be implemented effectively?
• Were there any WHS issues that arose as part of the change (if applicable)?

B.    You will need to identify at least three barriers (if possible) that arose during the implementation of the strategy and how they were addressed based on feedback from stakeholders. Those students not working will need to discuss this with their workplace coach to determine any barriers that occurred and document their coach’s answers.

C.    At the end of the implementation period you are required to review and evaluate the change management strategy. Students not working will need to review and evaluate the strategy with their workplace coach based on feedback collected and their coach’s observations. This review will be conducted according to the continuous improvement processes of your workplace/ your workplace coach’s organisation.
Utilise and attach examples of the documentation your organisation/your workplace coach’s organisation uses (e.g. continuous improvement policy and procedure).

D.    Modify the change management strategy based on the review findings and attach a copy to this assessment task.

Top 5 Reasons Why Students Find It A Pain To Finish MBA Homework

An MBA is a graduate degree that focuses on the analytical, functional and ethical applications of business. It is earned after you have obtained a bachelor degree. MBA deals with the latest issues in international business which applies with newest management techniques. They can be challenging one to recruit good MBA students in a reputed company.


Homework’s are rigorous, but not tough or impossible. Homework’s are challenging. To produce a quality and well-researched paper, students like to make efforts by giving much time to their study. The majority of the business schools provide homework’s to improve the skills of students sometimes very hard to solve. provides experts for the students who established from them to teach how to write good quality homework. Not only we guide them with guidelines but we also do homework for B-school students. Program and faculty challenge your thinking, writing, presentation everything.

Few students stumble with homework. But getting failed in multiple subjects, more than allowed to get into the second year is rare at decent business schools. Each subject has the variety of internally grading criteria, so you will get some grades for that. There are group homework’s, you need to work out at late nights, prepare tasks allocated, prepare the presentation, and show good team spirit.


Various types of homework’s are there in MBA. Some of which are, MBA thesis, MBA dissertation, MBA essay, MBA term paper, research paper etc. Nowadays students need not worry about them because there are many websites for solving all those homework.

There are five reasons behind the reason why there is a pain in doing MBA homework

  • Lacking market knowledge
  • Customer preference
  • Administrative rules and regulations
  • Reputation process
  • Lack of innovation and creativity

Lack of market knowledge:

The first reason behind, lack of market knowledge means students at present generation didn’t tend to know what the products are going on in the market. They find difficult to know the current trend. Students are unable to predict things. We are here to help them and make them understand the predictable things in homework submission.

Customer Preference:

Customer preference is what type of product an individual customer likes and dislikes. We define it as the subjective tastes, as measured by utility, of various bundles of goods. According to the levels of utility they give the consumers. Our Excellent customer and high customer satisfaction must start with understanding customer satisfaction.

Administrative rules and regulation:

Administrative rules are officially promulgated agency regulations that have rules and effect of law. Generally these rules elaborate the requirements in our company’s policy. Our company has its own set of administration. MBA students lack in these administrative rules.

Reputation process:

Reputation management is the process of identifying what other people are saying or feeling about your business. While doing MBA homework students follow the same ideas which are followed before. In that case they find difficult to score A+ Grade. In this situation they need help from our professional experts so that their project can be unique.

Lack of innovation and creativity:

Innovation is the implementation of something new and creativity is the capability or act of conceiving something original or unusual. Invention is the creation of something that hasn’t happened before. They should be unique. But nowadays uniqueness is missing in many places. This is the main and important reason why students find difficult in doing their homework’s. Instead they need help from our experts.

 Educational Degrees:

MBA is a completely different program from most of the educational degrees. They provide much homework’s in order to develop their writing skills in case study. Students practice them with real time examples. They find pain in doing this homework due to the five reasons mentioned above or maybe due to work overloaded. helps you to make your homework easy.

SWOT Analysis Homework Help

SWOT Analysis

A) SWOT analysis

The SWOT of a company speaks of the strength, weakness, opportunities and the threats that a company is likely to face in the long run of its operations (Pickton et al. 2008). Analyzing the internal and the external market of Best Pearls, the external and the internal conditions can be best analyzed by using the method of SWOT. In keeping with the factor of strength it can be stated that the reputation, brand image and the natural techniques of making are the major advantages of Best Pearl. The weaknesses can be stated to be the continuous recruitment of new staff, the absence of Human Resource Information System (HRIS), and the improper communication between the staffs at the different showrooms. The company has the opportunity of expanding its business to the other parts of the country. At the same time, it can increase the number of showrooms and also go international. The context of threat can be discussed with reference to the competition the firm is likely to face from the peers. The threat of market price, availability of raw materials is also present.

Table 1: SWOT analysis

Source: Author

  1. B) HRIS and its importance

The human resource information system or the HRIS is software that provides the scope of online data entry, tracking of the data and the information, the requirements of the human resource, the management of the system of payroll and the other accounting and transaction details of the company (Kovach et al. 2002). The HRIS is different for different companies. They come as packages that are taken up by the companies as per the needs and the requirements of the organization. The HRIS helps in the management of all employee information; reporting and the analysis of the details; the management of the guidelines and the circulation of the same amongst the employees; complete integration with the payroll; keeping a track of the applications and the management of the resumes (Sabrina, 2014).

The implementation of the HRIS pan in Best Pearls will be useful to tackle the growth of the employees and their details. It will also be a useful tool that would be keeping the track of the training, the pay hikes, the management of the key employees, the training and the payment schemes. The work of the HR department will be made far easier if the system of HRIS is implemented in the organization. An effective HRIS will be able to provide information about anything that the company would need to track about the employees (Mondy et al. 2005). The software can be easily customized based on the needs of the organization. Not only for the company, but also for the employees, the HRIS will be an easy communication mode. The employees will be seldom able to update all the details about themselves and the changes can be updated instantly. Best Pearls has a continuous requirement of new staff and receives many applications. The implementation of the HRIS will make the process easier for the HR department.

  1. C) Reviewing the process

There are certain steps which are required to be followed in order to set up the perfect working of the organization. Each organization has its own rules and regulations. These regulations are however made in keeping a note of the employees and the management so that both the ends are benefitted.

  1. While the policies and the procedures are being made, the HR manager is the prime one responsible for the course of action (Bas, 2012). However the person needs to discuss the same along with the senior staff members and the board of the company. As stated the rules, policies and the regulations of the company need to be such that they cater to the needs of the employees. It has to be kept such as manpower is the biggest tool of business, and the term of employee satisfaction has taken the front seat.
  2. The policies and the procedures could be sent to the staff via email and a specific training session could be held for the new as well as the existing staff of the company.
  • The reviewing of the entire process should be well planned, so that the employees are not bothered by the regular change and neither do the rules turn obsolete.


Recruitment procedures

  1. Job analysis
  2. Entry level trainees (4)
  3. Executive assistant
  4. Business development manager
  1. Job description
  2. Getting trained about the job and the quality of product; to learn the entire thing fully.
  3. To assist the heads in the work
  4. To develop the business and create new prospects for further advancement.
  1. Job vacancy advertising
  2. Based on qualifications, recruitment of fresher.
  3. Experienced in the stream of jewels and pearls specifically.
  4. Highly experienced professional with sense f business development
  1. Receiving applications
  2. Relevant candidates who match the criteria and are eager to learn.
  3. Suitable candidates to be sorted and the best to be shortlisted.
  4. The best of the lot to be taken in.

Selection procedure

The applications received from the candidates are to be sorted out and the best amongst them are to be called for interview (Marsden, 2004). The selected candidates are to be intimated through email and letters. They are supposed to undergo the process of documentation that is the verification of the documents. The candidates are required to give a minimum of two references who could be a guide to the company about the nature and the manner of the candidates.

Induction procedure

The process is important to make the employees comfortable with the new system of work and the environment they are supposed to be in (Mondy et al. 2005). it involves the process of documentation and talking to the employees, introducing them to their departments and the existing employees.


Recruitment procedure

  1. A warehouse manager is required in Best Pearls for one of the company warehouses.
  1. Job advertisement

A warehouse manager is required by Best Pearls for one of its warehouses in Sydney. The manager has to take care of the people working, supervise the work going on and also keep a record of the components of the house. The manager needs to be a qualified graduate with experience in the field of supervisory activities.

  1. E-mail
  2. Dear applicant,

With reference to your application for the post of warehouse manager at Best Pearls, you are hereby requested to appear for an interview with us on Monday 2nd February, 2015 at 9 A.M. You must be carrying a copy of your resume, along with the documents for review. Please carry a copy of this email as a reference. The dress code should be kept formal.

Wish you all the luck


Best Pearls