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BSBFIM502 – Manage payroll–Assessment

Throughout your Assessment and Activity sessions we are going to investig
ate how you can reflect on:
•Key learnings from the written and observation activities that apply to your
•Understand the relevance of the subject area and demonstrate your ability to
apply learning.
•Recognise common principles that apply and actively use these in business.
•Building steps to the way forward for business improvement using your
1.1 Establish procedures that ensure the confidentiality and security of payroll information
1.2 Ensure procedures guarantee substantiation of claims for allowances
1.3 Establish control measures to safeguard organisation’sfinancial resources in accordance with legislative and organisational requirements
1.4 Establish systems to ensure statutory obligations are met and records are kept for the period determined by government legislation
2.1 Usenominated industrial awards, contracts and government legislation to calculate gross pay and annual salaries
2.2 Calculate statutory and voluntary deductions using government and employee documentation
2.3 Provide payroll data to payroll processor for calculation within designated timelines
3.1 Check payroll, and authorise salaries and wages for payment in accordance with organisational policy and procedures
3.2 Reconcile salaries, wages and deductions in accordance with organisational policy and procedures
3.3 Deal with salary, wage and related enquiries in accordance with organisational policy and procedures
4.1 Process declaration forms for new and existing employees in accordance with Australian Taxation Office requirements
4.2 Forward periodic deductions to nominated creditors within designated timelines
4.3 Prepare and dispatch payments to government authorities accurately and in accordance with relevant government legislation
4.4 Calculate and transcribe group tax amounts and make payments in accordance with taxation procedures
4.5 Prepare and reconcile employee group certificate amounts from salary records
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