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Assessing Corporate Entrepreneurial Health Assignment Questions Help


In order to pursue sustainable competitive advantage, managers must continually assess the levels of innovative and entrepreneurial activity occurring within the company, and the climate and structures the company creates and sustains that support innovation and entrepreneurship.

The brief:

Analysis Framework:

Chapters 3 and 13 of your prescribed text provide relevant theories and detail two validated and widely used measuring instruments for measuring Entrepreneurial Intensity. These are  

Entrepreneurial intensity

  1. This assesses the frequency and innovativeness of new products, services and processes within the company, along with three elements of management decision-making: innovativeness, risk-taking and proactiveness. Combining these allows a company to be placed on the ‘entrepreneurial grid’ (chapter 3, Figure 3-5) and compared to other companies in its industry.

    Corporate Entrepreneurship Climate:

  2. This assesses how well the culture and structures that the company has created support innovation and entrepreneurship. It involves five factors: Management Support; Work Discretion; Rewards / Reinforcement; Time Availability; and Organizational Boundaries as well as some specific climate variables that may apply.

Chapter 13 explains how these two frameworks have been transformed into validated survey instruments. However, the survey design also provides a useful framework for analysing a company using ‘desk research’ – that is information that has been collected about the company from existing sources, including the company itself.

Additionally, the prescribed text provides other models that may be used to assess the Entrepreneurial Health of your chosen company.

Research approach:

Explore whatever sources you can find, both internal (self-reported by the company) and external (reported by third parties, including industry experts, customers and employees) that provide reliable information about the company’s entrepreneurial intensity or climate for corporate entrepreneurship.

You are encouraged to share your research in the interests of expanding the set of information you will gather for the group assignment. Remember that a good report depends more on the quality of analysis and the ability to organize it into a logical report structure than it does on the data reported.

Things to consider:

  • Have you considered industry benchmarks for entrepreneurial intensity?
    (e.g. the fashion industry would have high frequency compared with domestic appliances industry – think Zara versus Dyson)
  • Have you accounted for differences in perspectives on the same framework?
    (e.g. it is likely that company reported information may be challenged by external sources)
  • Have you synthesised the responses into meaningful interpretations?
    (what are the implications of your findings?)
  • Have you followed a systematic approach in presenting your findings?
    (a systematic approach makes your report easier to follow and shows clear thinking and a disciplined approach which is less likely to omit key factors)

 Introduction and Company Overview

Purpose of the report and Company overview. This should include how the company describes itself in terms of mission / vision / purpose, with particular attention to any mention of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Theoretical Concepts:

A brief introduction to and overview of key theoretical concepts and definitions that will enable the reader to understand the report. Keep it short and simple and don’t make it read like a text book. It is important to introduce the concept of various antecedents at different levels of analysis and how these inform the state of entrepreneurial health in the organisation. Explain the conceptual difference and connection between Entrepreneurial Intensity and the Climate for Corporate Entrepreneurship and any other models you refer to.

You can also refer to theories and models within the analysis section.

Research approach;

Briefly describe the approach taken to discovering data about your chosen company. Include major categories of sources including:

  • Self-reporting: What the company discloses about itself, such as annual reports, web site, press releases etc.
  • External commentary: What external parties report about the company, such as industry reports, journal articles, expert commentators. Customer and employee forums may also be of value.

Aim to show that you have used reliable sources and methods.

Data Analysis and Discussion

Part A: Assess the entrepreneurial intensity of your chosen company.

Using data you have collected from your research, make an informed judgement about the entrepreneurial intensity of the company. Remember to consider frequency of entrepreneurship, degree of newness and the company’s attitude to innovativeness, risk-taking and proactiveness. If possible, position the company on the Entrepreneurial Grid, alongside major competitors.

Part B: Assess the Corporate Entrepreneurship Climate (CEC) of your chosen company.

Using data you have collected from your research, make an informed judgement about the climate for corporate entrepreneurship within the company. Refer to the five factors of the CECI instrument (Chapter 13, Table 13-2) and any other models that help to interpret and diagnose the CEC within the company.

Other theories and models may be referred to in this section also.


Summarise the main issues and interpret the relative findings of your research and analysis. Synthesise all of the above sections into a cohesive whole that identifies the main strengths and weaknesses of the company with respect to Entrepreneurial Health and draws an overall conclusion about the implications for the future performance of the company.

PLEASE NOTE: you do not have to make any recommendations; this assignment is only about analysing and assessing the entrepreneurial health of the company.

Report Format

All three assignments must be presented in the format of management reports that comply with the following:

  • Format: Microsoft Word.
  • Font: 12 point, Times New Roman.
  • Text [Including references]: 1.5 line spacing, left-justified.
  • Page Layout: 1-inch (2.54cm) margins on all sides with page numbers in the bottom right corner and no header/footer.
  • A front cover page that contains the report’s title, author(s), submission date and word count.
  • An executive summary of no longer than one page.
  • A table of contents (TOC). Main and sub-sections must be numbered and linked to page numbers.
  • The report must be paginated.
  • The report must be spell-checked.
  • All Figures/Tables/Graphs must be sequentially numbered and captioned.
  • All Figures/Tables/Graphs must be referred to and discussed from within body of text.
  • In-text citation of sources must be done correctly with the prescribed style.
  • A reference list must be provided and comply with prescribed style.
  • Appendices must be sequentially numbered and appropriately captioned.
  • Each report must have an introduction and end with a conclusion.

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Diploma of Leadership and Management & Manage Payroll Assessment Help

BSBFIM502 – Manage payroll–Assessment

Throughout your Assessment and Activity sessions we are going to investig
ate how you can reflect on:
•Key learnings from the written and observation activities that apply to your
•Understand the relevance of the subject area and demonstrate your ability to
apply learning.
•Recognise common principles that apply and actively use these in business.
•Building steps to the way forward for business improvement using your
1.1 Establish procedures that ensure the confidentiality and security of payroll information
1.2 Ensure procedures guarantee substantiation of claims for allowances
1.3 Establish control measures to safeguard organisation’sfinancial resources in accordance with legislative and organisational requirements
1.4 Establish systems to ensure statutory obligations are met and records are kept for the period determined by government legislation
2.1 Usenominated industrial awards, contracts and government legislation to calculate gross pay and annual salaries
2.2 Calculate statutory and voluntary deductions using government and employee documentation
2.3 Provide payroll data to payroll processor for calculation within designated timelines
3.1 Check payroll, and authorise salaries and wages for payment in accordance with organisational policy and procedures
3.2 Reconcile salaries, wages and deductions in accordance with organisational policy and procedures
3.3 Deal with salary, wage and related enquiries in accordance with organisational policy and procedures
4.1 Process declaration forms for new and existing employees in accordance with Australian Taxation Office requirements
4.2 Forward periodic deductions to nominated creditors within designated timelines
4.3 Prepare and dispatch payments to government authorities accurately and in accordance with relevant government legislation
4.4 Calculate and transcribe group tax amounts and make payments in accordance with taxation procedures
4.5 Prepare and reconcile employee group certificate amounts from salary records
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Memorandum Preparation To A Law Firm Partner

Title : Client letter of advice and supporting memorandum.

Your supporting memorandum must be written in the style of a memo to your supervising partner and otherwise comply with the style and formatting requirements set out in QUT’s Legal Referencing Guidelines

Students will write and submit a letter of advice and supporting memorandum to a law firm partner in relation to a given problem in equity – due week 6 (Friday 1 September).

Prepare a memorandum to a law firm partner which explains the legal issue(s) in equity applicable for the client and outlines the relevant law. The memorandum should apply the facts of the client’s problem to the law, before reaching conclusions regarding the prospects of success, or potential liabilities, for the client. References should be contained within footnotes in accordance with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. No Bibliography is required

  1. Prepare a letter to your client to advise them regarding their potential claim(s) or liability(s) in equity.

Word limit:750 words.

Your letter exhibits limited or no compliance with the format of a legal letter, containing numerous errors in the following:

  • firm letter head
  • firm references
  • date
  • special instructions
  • name and address of addressee
  • salutation
  • subject line
  • substance/body of letter
  • complimentary close
  • signature
  • professional set-out (eg. headings, margins)

typeface (12 point font & single line spaced for body of letter)

Your letter exhibits limited or no compliance with appropriate structure of a legal letter, containing numerous errors in:

  • word limit adhered to & letter succinctly written
  • a beginning (eg. referring to recent communication or stating purpose of letter)

a middle (eg.

  • confirming client’s instructions/facts and appropriately structured advice to client)

an end (eg. indicating what client needs to do, inviting client to contact you)

Your writing is not satisfactory as the meaning is unclear; inappropriate and/or complicated legal language has been used; limited plain English; unprofessional tone, not suited to client’s background. Evidence of proofreading is lacking. Numerous misspellings and examples of poor punctuation or grammar.

Micro Teaching Early Childhood Leadership Homework Answers


The objective of this assignment is to allow students to holistically understand the professional development needs of their staff and/or organization. In order to encourage and sustain professional development that is purposeful and authentic, the student will implement the Training and Development Cycle at their organization.

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) of the staff will need to be carried out and then reviewed by the student. Based on information drawn from the TNA, the student will then design and conduct a 30-minute training session for all or a selected group of staff. The 30-minute training session MUST be recorded. Students are strongly advised to seek feedback from the participants.

To close the cycle, an evaluation of the effectiveness of the training session will also need to be completed.

*Meets Objective 1 and 2 of the module

Weightage: 50% (50 Marks)

Guidelines for Micro Teaching:

Students will go through the Training and Development Cycle by firstly completing a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) of their staff, and then designing and conducting a 30-minute training session based on the information gathered from the TNA. The session must be video recorded. Evaluation of the session will also need to be completed.

  •  Training Needs Analysis (process and results)
  •  Design of the training session (e.g. lesson plan)
  •  Recording of training session (DVD)
  •  Supporting evidence (e.g. resources used during the training session – photos, hard 
copies, etc)
  •  Evaluation of the effectiveness of the training session

School of Humanities & Social Sciences Assessment 2: Rubric for Micro Teaching (100 marks / 50%)


Section A (1200 words)

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is comprehensive and demonstrates the 8 Steps:

  1. Highlights why the need for the 
TNA (Differentiated Instruction in Early Childhood Education)
  2. Desired outcome of the training 
is ascertained
  3. Competencies needed to meet 
the outcomes are defined
  4. Use tool(s) to gather staff 
  5. Identifies the most glaring 
  6. Determines how the training is 
to be delivered
  7. Budget
  8. Evaluation (post-training) (Use Kirkpatrick evaluation level 1 and 2) 
(20 Marks)

Section B (500 words)

Programme Design is comprehensive and demonstrates these aspects:

  1. Designs a training session that 
is ‘fit-for-purpose’
  2. Training session has clear 
  3. Considers the four steps to 
effective learning (briefing, 
facilitating, debriefing, applying.
  4. Engages participants via 
several methods (e.g. multisensory)
(20 marks) 

Section C

Training session is comprehensive and demonstrates these aspects:

  1. Session is well structured (e.g. 
well chunked via headers, bolded important words, good flow, etc)
  2. Student presents information clearly and confidently
  3. Participants are engaged via active learning
  4. Time is well-managed (30 minutes)
  5. Feedback is gathered from the participants 
(20 marks) 

Section D

Comprehensive supporting evidence which demonstrates these aspects:

  1. Materials/resources used 
during the training session are appropriate and enhance the teaching and learning
  2. Materials/resources are original (designed by the student and not simply a commercial product)
  3. Appropriate technology (e.g. apps/web-tools is utilized. (20 marks) 

Section E

Comprehensive evaluation that demonstrates these aspects:

  1. Student is reflective of the 
  2. Draws information from 
feedback provided by the participants to modify and improve the session (future action).
  3. Has formative (e.g. use of questioning in the session and summative evaluation).
  4. Considerations on how to sustain PD for staff are

provided.(20 marks)

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Remedies Law Research Homework Questions

Remedies Law


You work as a personal injury lawyer.  Your supervising partner asks you to prepare an advice advising Catherine on how much compensation she may be eligible to receive after the death of her husband, Henry.  She has provided the following facts.

Catherine and her family

Catherine was born on 1 March 1977 and is currently 40 years old.  Catherine was an accountant before her son, Francis, was born. She gave up her accounting career to stay at home full time to look after Francis and manage domestic chores. She depended upon her husband’s (Henry) income to maintain her.  She enjoys good health and is expected to live to 85 years old.

Henry was born on 1 February 1972.  Henry was 45 years old when he died this year in June. He was an architect who had been promoted to partner within his employer firm in December 2016. He had devoted his working life to the firm and expected to continue working there as partner until retirement.

Henry earned $4,000 gross/$3,000 net per week (“net” meaning his take-home pay, or more accurately his gross less tax and the costs of earning the gross). Prior to the accident, Henry was in good health and expected to work until he was 65 years old.  He was expected to live until 80 years old.

Catherine and Henry were married for 20 years. Catherine gave birth to their son, Francis, on 1 January 2000. Their marriage has not always been smooth: in 2007 they separated for a year; in 2013 they separated for 6 months.  Each time they separated they later reunited for the sake of Francis.  Since the 2013 separation, they have lived amicably together.

Francis was born on 1 January 2000.  He is a healthy, 17 year old man. He is currently in year 11 at Merewether Selective High School.  He expects to graduate with a high UAI in 2018 and attend a University in Sydney to study psychology in 2019 (4-year degree).  Henry was going to financially support, ie maintain, Francis for the four years that he studied.

The family lives in Newcastle in a three-bedroom house in Merewether, which is owned by Catherine (her father bought it for her when she gave birth to Francis). The family does not own any other real property.

The accident

Henry was badly injured on 1 February 2017 in a water-skiing accident when the family was on holiday in Port Macquarie.  The accident was caused by the negligence of Port Macquarie Adventures Pty Ltd (‘PMA’).  PMA has admitted full liability for the accident. There is no evidence of Henry having been negligent.

The accident rendered Henry comatose and resulted in the amputation of four fingers on his right hand (Henry was right-handed).  He also suffered many broken bones, and extensive head and spine injuries.  He underwent several surgeries on his head, arm and spine. Henry remained in hospital in a coma from the date of the accident until his death.

Unfortunately, on 1 June 2017, he developed a blood clot that killed him. It is accepted that the blood clot was caused by the accident.

Related expenses

Medicare statement on the costs of all treatment: $250,000.

Funeral expenses: $12,000

Other consequences of the accident

Henry was unable to return to work before his death.

Since Henry’s death, Catherine works up to four days a week as an office assistant in an accountancy firm to make ends meet. She earns $800 net per week. She has recently been in contact with her ex-boyfriend from high school and they have started dating.

Both Catherine and Francis were understandably badly impacted by the death of Henry and miss Henry very much. Nonetheless both have been resilient and able to get on with life by supporting each other. They have not needed professional care to deal with grieving, depression etc.

Catherine is the executrix and sole beneficiary of Henry’s will. Henry left Catherine $250,000.

Henry’s estate received $500,000 from Henry’s superannuation fund.

How Henry’s net earnings were spent at the time of death

At the time of Henry’s death, he spent his net weekly earnings as follows:

  • Maintenance of Henry: 40% ($1,200 per week)
  • Maintenance of Catherine: 40% ($1,200 per week)
  • Maintenance of Francis: 20% ($600 per week).

Catherine expected to receive the same level of maintenance per week while she continued to be married to Henry, even after Francis left home. They did not plan to have any further children.

Maintenance means: financial support including payment for food, clothing, general living and personal expenses, medical treatment, etc.

Other information

  • The average weekly earnings of all employees in New South Wales for the most recent quarter is $1,500 gross per week.
  • The relevant Commonwealth Government 10-year benchmark bond rate as published by the Reserve Bank of Australia is 2%.

Advice sought

  1. Can the Estate of Henry claim any damages from PMA?

If yes, identify:

  1. The legislation under which the Estates’ claim will be made; and
  2. The heads of damage claimable and the estimated amounts.

Note that PMA has accepted liability in negligence. You do not need to discuss causation and remoteness.

  1. Can Catherine and Francis claim damages from PMA for the financial benefits they expected to receive had Henry not been tortiously killed?

If yes, identify:

  1. The legislation under which the claim will be made; and
  2. the heads of damage claimable and the estimated amounts in respect of Catherine and Francis. Assume the calculation commences from Henry’s date of death. (Round up part years to the nearest whole number.)


Further instructions

Read the Subject Outline for further instructions on word limit, format, etc.

You will need to research legislation not covered in this subject, but which was considered in 70317 Torts.

Calculate the damages based upon the facts provided above only. You do not need to research statistics or averages.

Demonstrate how you calculate each head of damage by explaining the steps you take. We are not looking for a single, correct final figure. Rather, we are assessing if you understand what heads of damage are claimable, how certain figures are calculated and whether your case for damages is rationally supported by the facts.

For ease of calculation, you can assume that a month is 4 weeks.

Feel free to use tables, subheadings, etc, to set out your calculations, if using them will assist your calculations and explanations and more cleanly present your case.

You do not need to address who is the proper plaintiff.

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Homework Help Sites for MBA Students in Texas, USA

Help is always needed!

Students of any age and maturity need some help in doing their homework. Just like how younger students take help of their parents or elder siblings for completing their homework, students of higher grade need help of the ultimate helper – The Internet! However, books are equally a good source. But another fact that cannot be negated is that searching information from books is rather a cumbersome task than simply doing a “ctrl F” on the internet!

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Which one to Choose?

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Every under graduate who dreams of getting into a professional course for higher studies, feels very excited and overwhelmed after joining an MBA program. There are so many expectations and dreams about the course and its applications and scopes. A student is totally transformed in due course, and by the time the course is completed the student also becomes an entirely different “Professional”. Yes, that’s how it is!

MBA Homework Assignment – A Background:-

Just like in any other courses available in the educational “market”, homework is an integral part in MBA also. But what makes MBA homework different from others is the content and quality of it. Most of the MBA homework is not the regular “Copy-Paste” thing from the text book. However, it may demand a “Copy-Paste” from various sources together. Jokes apart, all that one has to understand is that the MBA assignment needs a lot of focus and understanding of the concept. And most of the work is given for a team to complete. However, some individual task may also be given.

The Team and the Efforts:-

Like it was mentioned earlier, most of the MBA homework assignment is given as a Team job. So was this one! A team of 4 or 5 at the max, helps to maintain the real “Team Sense”, as this also should be kept in mind that “too many cooks spoil the broth”.  Every team generally has a literature specialist, a great researcher and at least one computer graffiti. The work is better to be divided according to the individual’s interest, capabilities and, of course, strength. After all, that is what is called “Team Work”. Even if the homework is supposed to be done individually, all that becomes applicable to the same person. That’s how all-rounders are made!

Collecting or Collating the Information:-

Data collection is the most important part of the assignment was will concentrate highly. Be it Human Resources Management, or Marketing Management, or Financial Management or Operations Management, all one needs is an appropriate and authentic data or information. So as far as collection of data is concerned, it has to be from a very authentic source.  We will keep in mind that the information collected should have a very strong reference, either to a book or a very authentic web source. If the information is wrong, none of the next steps can be correct.

Processing the Information to Complete the Task:-

Just like a computer cannot produce the correct program unless the input is correct, one cannot submit a correct and good quality assignment unless the information collected is correct. Next process is to process the information properly. If it is a power-point presentation, the slides need to be so well staged and arranged in the proper order that all the information collectively makes the right sense. Same is the case with all other types of homework assignment. MBA homework involving solving of case studies in HRM or Marketing need a lot of focus and attention to minute details. Whereas in Operations Management or Financial Management need strong conceptual, numerical and analytical skills. One has to be very strong with numbers.

The Overall Experience

The best benefit of a team job is that everyone forgets the individual difference and complements one another in producing a great result.  Everyone learns from one another and that’s what we call “transfer of skills”. The weakness is overcome by skills. In case of an individual job, one learns to become a typist, an IT expert and a full-on market researcher. Besides, we cannot forget the beautiful interpersonal relationships that are brewed during the work. The fun, the sleepless nights and the joy of completing the work by the deadline is something else! As told earlier, that’s how all-rounders are made!

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