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Today, leadership is one of the most popular approaches on the human behaviour. This can be proved by looking at the people round us, influenced by the leaders on daily basis. A leader is always needed for maintaining discipline and avoiding chaos. The primary task of any leader is to create a definite vision for his organization. A leader also needs to convert his vision in to reality. Now, a true is very much necessary in all types of industrial fields. There are a number of great leaders as well visionaries in the business world.

Leadership can also be defined the perfect way of organizing the group of individuals to accomplish a specific task for the company. Today, management studies with leadership specialization are gaining a huge popularity among the worldwide students. Students with leadership specialization need to study various theories like situational interaction, traits, behaviour, function, power, intelligence, charisma and values. The colleges give students a lot of leadership assignments to be completed at home. Thus, they need the best Leadership homework assignment help service from a trustworthy provider. The No1homeworkhelp.com is the top choice for them in this regard. We have very long experiences in providing students with the top standard Leadership assignment writing service Online

Useful theories in leadership management

Leadership is very much necessary by a group of professionals motivated by a common mission or idea. The leadership styles vary from democratic leadership, people’s leadership, directional leadership, charismatic leadership and many more. These different leadership styles largely depend on the psychology of the people aspiring to become leaders.

A few leadership styles are discussed below:

Traits theory: This theory was proposed by Thomas Carlyle after studying the personality traits of many famous leaders. According to him the leaders are born and not created. This theory was popularly explained in his famous book "Heroes and Hero Worship"
Transactional Leadership: Here the students need to learn about the significance of team performances.
Autocratic Leadership: The autocratic leaders always take charge of the major business decisions on their very own. The other team members or individual are not involved.
Alternative Theory: This theory was particularly developed in the early 50s and cancelled the traits theory. The researchers conducted a lot of studies and experiments and finally concluded that each and every man has the unique capability of becoming a leader. Thus, it can be concluded that leadership has nothing to do with the hereditary factors.
For example, if we take a look at the history, we can see that the nation of USA has produced many famous leaders of all times. You can also notice that the managerial skills of the American people are always better than the others. We provide you with the best online Leadership homework assignment help service by the top American experts.

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What are the qualities of a good leader?.
Developing the winning strategies, executing plans, goal fulfilling policies, objectives, etc.
Setting a vision for the staff and moralizing them to work with great efficiency.
Guiding a tam or staff for performing the tasks with a lot of details.
Always taking the right decisions for the welfare and progress of the company.
An efficient leader always integrates the staff with the enterprise to reach specific organizational goals.
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What Are The Main Features of Leadership Homework Assignments? And Leadership Assignment MBA

The Leadership homework assignments have 5 fundamental characteristics. All these 5 characteristics are discussed below:

Psychology: It is the scientific study of the mental states and human mind.

Purpose: The home work need to enhance the learning style and purpose of the students. You need to create your own method for practicing the spelling words. Spelling and vocabulary perfection are 2 basic purposes of writing homework. The home woks need to provide feedbacks to the teachers about the understanding of the students. This can enable the teachers to adjust the instructions and research the concepts before working on the assignments.

Efficiency: Certain traditional tasks are sometimes inefficient. They either sow o learning evidence or they can take a large amount of time to b completed.

Certain content-rich projects can be inefficient in terms of the spent time. Teacher also sometimes find it difficult to realize how much time it will take to complete the projects. They also do not realize how tedious these projects can be to the students. There are certain efficient ways to accomplish the goals and demonstrate the students’ learning. The home works can also be written from the popular videos where practical illustrations are shown.

Ownership: The ultimate goal of ownership is creating a personal relationship between the he work content and the student. One of the best ways in promoting ownership is via individual research. For example: in a history class students can write a home work report regarding the nation of their choice. They can always have a freedom in choosing their own topic. Thus, they can be given the freedom of their choice in selecting the topic. When the students practice reading, for their own pleasure, their choice of how, when and what to read is very important. Therefore, giving the students freedom of choice or so called “ownership” s always very good for them.

Competence: All the students do not feel competent in finishing their homework. The teachers need to differentiate in the home works and assignments as per the merit or calibre of the students. They need to assignment different students with home works having different difficulty levels. Some of the struggling students need fewer questions, easer problems and lesser readings. One of the most sample ways to help the struggling student is to need lesser writing with fewer blanks. Teachers need to give the students notes copies, word banks, hint sheets, etc. for making their assignment writing task easier. Teachers always need to simplify the home work papers as per the kind o students they are assigning.

Aesthetic Appeal: The home work grades of students largely depend on the first impression on their professor or teacher. Way the home work looks is very important. The very long worksheets and writing look really dull and boring. Professors always prefer uncluttered home work papers. Usage of more clip arts or graphics makes your home work paper look more attractive and interesting to your readers or professors.

What are the major areas of difficulty in Leadership assignment mba @ college/university level?

Leaders are those people who think of other people and make them work on their thoughts and plans. The management students always need to master the art of leadership. You also need to work very hard to write leadership assignments. The leadership assignments help you in learning various managerial le and you can also improve yourself in this regard. The Leadership assignment mba often face the following difficulties while writing their assignments:

1. Unclear topic understanding
2. It involves a lot of understanding ad reading of the leadership goals
3. Less knowledge on the information resources
4. Lack of time to put all the information in a readable format.
5. Unclear understanding of the assignment structure

What are the best qualities of a leader?

• Employee first: Many of the organizations believe that customers are always the first and the employees as well managers are to serve them. But some great leaders have a bit different point of view. They state that the staff or the employees are the very first line of the customers for any organization. They feel that the customers can never be happy until the employees themselves are happy. A leader always thinks that the employees are his partners. An organization and its leader always need to work to protect the employee rights. Only the employees will work on the policies and strategies to make their customers happy.
• A good team player: It is one of the most important qualities that a leader needs to possess. All the staffs of any company always need to work as an integral team. The responsibility of the leader is to drive his tram towards the right direction foe company progress. It forms a pyramid structure in a team, where the managers form the top while the sub-staff form the bottom part. All these employees need to have a very good understanding among them to make the aim of the team successful. The leader needs to guide the team in proper directions. For this reason he needs to be a very good team player.
• Confidence, Optimism and commitment: An ideal team leader needs to posses all these 3 characteristics to lead his organization. The leader needs to be confident enough to drive his organization towards its goals. He needs to have extremely positive as well as optimistic approach towards his leadership plans and aims.
• Decision making ability and intuition: Leadership can be regarded as both art and science. In leadership the people driving road map is often quite irregular and uncertain. More is this uncertainty higher is the risk with high pressure. Under such conditions, the natural intuition or decision making ability of the leaders or managers comes in. This natural intuition is one of the biggest qualities of a good leader. Personal instinct and intuition are important parts of leadership. The intuition of a leader can help any company to spread business abroad. This leadership style needs to be friendly and democratic. Good corporate leaders also regard all their employees are major stakeholders. Thus, an ideal leader gives equal importance to the decisions and opinions of the other employees. This is known as democratic leadership.
• Inspiring ability: It is one of the biggest attributes of an ideal leader. He needs to posses the best inspiring ability for his fellow employees or team members. This always keeps the entire team working. An effective leader should be a contributor as well as an excellent team player. A good team performance always matter for a company. Thus, a leader always needs to focus to inspire the staff. He needs to take all the necessary and important steps to inspire the employees towards the right direction for company progress. For example: performance appraisal and reward system for the employees is a good inspirational step.
You need to include all the above-mentioned points in your Educational leadership homework paper along with practical industrial examples. These points are also important for Servant leadership homework assignments.

Motivational Theories For MBA Leadership And Management & Leadership Change Management Assignment For Colleges.

Employee motivation is one of the biggest things in Leadership management. A team leader always needs to motivate his workers towards achieving the organizational goals. Here the Maslow motivational theory rightly applies for any organization. The employees can be motivated by both monetary as well as non-monitory measures. Employees in various posts in an organization need different levels of motivation. It is the task of the team leader to motivate them as per their position and job responsibilities. A sound knowledge of motivation is very much essential in MBA leadership and management course for the students.

What are the main obstacles in effective leadership?
Effective leadership is defines as a practice that can motivate inspire and develop the followers as per the defined objectives for the company. Leadership is called effective when all the employees or followers are satisfied with their jobs. In an effective leadership the motivation levels of the staff are also higher. This thing exists when there are very negligible conflicting levels in any organization. A leadership is regarded as effective when any leader achieves the goals within specified time without losing the support of his teammates or followers.
There are certain obstacles to effective leadership. For example, lack of capital, resources, management support, low employee motivation, poor technical infrastructure, etc. All these obstacles can slowdown a good leadership process.
However, the leaders can adapt certain tools to remove these obstacles. A leader can use some proactive decision making approaches to get enough capital and resources. He can win confidence of the employees by making them more flexible to the managerial changes by reducing their resistances. Some leaders can also follow the participatory decision making style to get the support and approval of the staff for his plan. These points are always needed to be included in the Leadership change management assignment for colleges.

Leadership VS management assignment
The word leadership refers to the process of leading the entities that carry out one or more acts of leading. Leadership is the ability in affecting the human behaviour it accomplishes a specified mission. This leadership is defined according to the organization’s ability of the individual in motivating, influencing and enabling the employees to contribute towards the success and effectiveness of the company. The leadership qualities directly influence the effectiveness of revenue generation, costs, satisfaction, service, market value, earnings, motivation, social capital, share price, etc. Leadership is the ability of a person to set the rules and regulations for other staff and leading from the front.
Types of leadership:
● Actual: It is giving the direction or guidance for leadership purpose.
● Potential: It is the ability or capacity to lead in the famous concept of “born to lead.” In both the cases the act of the learning is fundamental to leadership.
● Leadership can have both formal as well informal aspects: The formal aspects include business or political leadership while the informal aspect includes friendship. On the other hand, management comprises of controlling and directing a group or individual or entities for the general purpose of harmonizing and coordinating them towards accomplishing a specific goal. It encompasses the manipulation and deployment of the human resources, technological resources, financial resources and the natural resources.

The various levels of management are as follows:
Top level management: The top level management or Managers need good knowledge of management skills or roles. They are very much aware of the market external factors. The managers mostly need to make long-term decisions. They need to make various corporate plans and examine whether the plan may be effective or not. Middle level management: The managers of middle level management have specialized knowledge of some managerial skills. They are generally responsible for carrying out the major decisions taken by the top level management. They generally take the tactical decisions.
Lower level management:
This managerial level ensures that twp land and decisions taken by the upper and middle level management are properly carried out for the welfare of the organization.

Major elements of management:
● Planning: It is the ct of deciding what is needed to be happen in the future and generating correct plans for taking the right course of action. Planning makes the basic tool for the 4 functions in the managerial process. It makes the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful corporate manager. It is a very logical and step by step thinking the goals and taking the right decisions to reach the goals to meet the organization objectives. The mangers use this planning process as a blueprint for solving future problems of the company.
● Organizing: It is a very important managerial process. The manager always needs to organize his employees very well to reach the business goals. ● Motivating: After organizing, the very next responsibility of the manager is motivation the employees to work towards goal achievements.
● Monitoring: It is the controlling task of the top manager of any organization. He needs to do a constant monitoring of the various activates of the employees in his organization.

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