1. Presentation

Present your plan for innovation in week 3 of delivery to a group of fellow students and seek their input to evaluate your idea and to gather different perspectives and inputs. This is an assessable task and the trainer will observe your performance.

Collect their feedback (you could distribute a survey or ask questions for example).

Record the feedback that you have received below:

  • Did you like my idea?
  • What would you change ?
  • What additional ideas do you have?
  • What are your thoughts on the vision &mission?
  • Were the strategic objectives clear to you?

Would you change?

  • Did you like the innovation ideas I proposed?

Why did you like /dislike the ideas?


  1. Feedback- assessment

Assess the feedback that you received. Address all the following points:

  • What ideas were well received by the group?
  • What additional ideas were proposed by the group
  • How are you changing your initial draft plan for innovation based on the feedback received?
  • Were the mission and vision for the company well received? Discuss why and if any change was made post presentation.
  • Do you think that the group understood the strategic objectives that you set for your innovative plan? Why?
  • Were the innovative ideas for the workspace well received? Why?
  • How are you changing your idea for the workspace based on the feedback received?
  1. Feedback -implementation

Address all the following points:

  1. Based on the feedback received, revise and adjust (noting the revised version below):
  • The vision and mission statements
  • The strategic objectives
  • Your idea for the workspace. Note: add your new layout and ideas for fit-out, décor, resources and equipment below,

Note, if you are attaching an additional file, name it BSBINN502_T1_Workspace final_Your Name.

  1. Describe how you would inform the members of the organisation about the changes and how you will acknowledge their inputs.
  2. What considered risks would you take to open opportunities for innovation?