1. Choose a scenario.

A bookstore located underground in a small shopping center and therefore not directly visible. There is no online sale service. The bookstore is on the verge of bankruptcy, as sales are down. The staff are tired and do not trust the change of ownership: this is the third time the company changes owner in five years with no positive result.

  1. Reasons for choosing the scenario

I choose this scenario because I can help more from the rest scenario

  1. Innovation and leadership approach
  2. Encourage staff to share ideas and initiatives. To hire people with perspectives for the vision of the company. Staff should be encouraged for specific new ideas, meetings, suggestions, and devote time to new thoughts with examples. Our ideas should be encouraged and recognized in a timely manner. Ideas should be applied as quickly as possible to affect the productivity of other workers. Employees should be rewarded even if the idea is not implemented. To encourage new initiatives. Develop functional groups from different parts of the business. Introduce innovative ideas at regular meetings Το be collaboration with actors from all the sectors.
    1.  Mssion and vision statement
  3. The mission statement is to be reliable to our customers with low cost products and the fastest service with family area who enjoy the work. The vision for the bookstore is to install a sophisticated online shop that the customer can buy from the internet and be able to buy it online, without the need for a store and to become a big online shop after 5 years.

    1. Draft approach

    Draft your initial idea for innovation (Min. 100 words).

    Do a market research for the original idea in approximately  100 our customers. To reach out to youth and massive groups such as colleges, universities and collaborations with different areas to develop innovation. There should be a team that should work hard for a sophisticated website that will provide customers with a quick purchase of the product. There is a marketing department that can quickly apply innovation. To have a reward plan for customers and apply all relevant newsletters, promotions. email marketing, gift certificates, polls, rss feeds. People come with vision and ideas. Implementation of the innovation strategy

    1. Physical environment

    Evaluate the impact of the physical environment in relation to innovation. Address all the following points: 

    • Describe how you would change the work environment to enhance innovation in the workplace and why.

     With innovative office rooms, creative colors of the environment and innovative equipment. 

    • Describe what resources and equipment you would choose to support innovation and why. Innovation will be about the walls, floors and entertainment rooms
      •  a workspace (you could use word to design the layout) that supports innovation and describe your preferred fit out and décor to encourage creative mindsets, collaborative working and the development of workplace relationships.
        1. Prepare a presentation of your innovative ideas.

        The presentation can be developed in your preferred format. It could be in the form of a meeting or in the form of a power point presentation for example. All the documents that you develop for the presentations such as handouts or power points must be submitted with this assessment as evidence of competency.

        You should name the additional documents: BSBINN502_T1_ Presentation

        The presentation must cover the following points:

        • Vision and mission statement
        • Strategic objectives of your innovative plan (include data if you wish)
        • Reinforcement of the value of innovation in the organisation
        • Main innovative ideas
        • Initial risks
        • Proposed workspace