1. Plan for resistance to change

Outline your plan to overcome resistance to change in the organisation.

Address the following points:

  • What resistance you do expect to find in the organization
  • What steps/actions you would undertake to overcome resistance to change


This section is about:

  • Establishing work practices that support innovation
  • Promoting innovation in the workplace
  • Providing learning opportunities to employees at all levels of the organisation

Complete the tasks that follow, ALL points must be addressed.

To complete the tasks that follow, you should follow 3 key steps:

  • Identify working conditions to support innovation (Task 1 question 1)
  • Gather feedback on the working conditions from a group of fellow students or friends that will ‘play’ the role of employees in your organization
  • Complete the rest of section 2

Remember that your answers should always be based on your scenario of choice.


  1. Conditions that support innovation
  • Work conditions

Identify and describe working conditions that reflect and encourage innovative practices to enhance your vision for the organisation and increase productivity in an innovative way.

We can increased competitiveness and higher efficiency with lower costs and higher quality products and more efficient use of all resources. We improved the staff retention and staff like to work in innovative and challenging jobs that promote team work and problem solving.

1.2 Feedback on working conditions

Consult with a group of friends or fellow students that will ‘play’ the role of employees and gather feedback on the working conditions that you are proposing in point a).

Attach evidence of consultation with and feedback from employees.

  • Example of evidence of consultation could be an email draft, a wiki page, a survey or a meeting agenda.
  • Example of evidence of feedback collected from employees could be: meeting minutes, response to a survey or an email back from an employee.

Note: if you are submitting an additional file, name it BSBINN502_T1_Work conditions.

  • Changes to work conditions

Outline any change that will be implemented in the work conditions you have proposed based on the feedback received.

  1. Workplace procedures to foster innovation

Develop workplace procedures that foster innovation and allow for rigorous evaluation of innovative ideas. Address the following points:

  1. Identify at least 3 workplace procedures that would foster innovation and allow for rigorous evaluation of innovative ideas in the organization.
  2. Develop at least one of those three procedures identified in point a) (high level). Include your procedure below.

Note: if you are submitting an additional file, name it BSBINN502_T1_Workplace procedure.

  1. Innovation and collaboration

Address the points below in the form of personal notes (planning diary) – Min. 100 words

  1. How would you facilitate and participate in collaborative work arrangements to foster innovation in the organization?
  2. How would you build and lead your team to work in ways that maximize opportunities for innovation?


Address this task in the form of personal notes (planning diary).

  1. Promote innovation

Based on your scenario of choice and providing planning details, address the following (Min. 150 words):

  • How would you acknowledge suggestions, improvements and innovation from all colleagues in the organisation?
  • What ways to promote and support the evaluation of innovative ideas within the wider organisational context would you consider?

Address this task in the form of personal notes (planning diary). 

  1. Knowledge management

Address the following providing planning details):

  • Describe how you would pro-actively share relevant information, knowledge and skills with colleagues in the organisation (Min. 100 words).
  • Provide a sample of a method you would use to share information and knowledge and attach it with your submission. The sample should be customised for your scenario of choice.

Example: a wiki page, an email, a newsletter, an induction manual/process, a presentation about a process etc..

  1. Learning opportunities:

Address the following providing planning details:

  • Outline how you would encourage formal and informal learning opportunities to help develop the skills needed for innovation. Include opportunities in which individuals can learn from the experience of others.
  • Provide evidence of a discussion with one of your fellow students who ‘plays’ the role of one your employee in regard to developing the skills needed for innovation based on the needs of your scenario of choice.

Attach the evidence of the discussion (meeting minutes, survey on employee’s skills etc..) and describe what learning opportunities you will organise for the employee. Note: if you are submitting an additional file, name it BSBINN502_T1_Learning opportunities