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Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence Homework Help

Scenario 1

You are looking at the profile of one of your team member Bill. After looking into the profile, you find that this employee is a bit of concern for you. You noticed that his performance is very good and he demonstrate complete professionalism. He has never failed in achieving his performance and sales targets. He is very knowledgeable about the products and its attributes. He also demonstrates very high skill levels in customer service.

However, he never respond to team training, neither attended any training sessions conducted for improving team morale. While other team members feels energetic, enthusiastic and motivated after team building sessions, Bill seems to be emotionally drained while interacting with other team members. You have received a feedback from team members that they would rather like to work individually, but are not willing to work with Bill. Work with Bill is like suffocation for other team members. You feel frustrated.

  1. How will you identify what Bill is feeling?

  2. Give any four examples (with a very short brief) each of learning styles; personality types; and communication styles.

  1. What learning type and personality style you think is best suited for Bill?

  2. Which communication style you would use to communicate with Bill regarding your response?

  3. How would you adjust your response so that your needs (emotional needs, team cohesiveness needs) are satisfied?

  4. How would you adjust your response so that Bill’s needs ( emotional needs, performing within a team environment) are satisfied?

    Scenario 2

As discussed in Scenario 1 of Assessment Task 1, there has been a significant drop in sales of end mobile handsets. This is because of local and small competitors. There was a board discussion about this situation in company head office and senior management reaches to a conclusion that some action should be taken to mitigate the issue.

The management decided to increase performance and sales targets for some employees and scrap some team cohesion training session. This will lead to increase in sales while reducing some overhead costs. Each manager was given the responsibility of implementation of decision within their respective departments. While implementing this decision, it is important to consider the emotional impact on staff and impact of WHS. This is mainly because of measuring the impact on team performance towards achieving the goals.

  1. What could be the negative impact on business when considering emotionally affected people?

  2. How considering emotional impact of decision making could lead to better decision making and business performance?

  3. List FOUR steps of decision making that takes “emotional impact” into account. (hint ( from case  study) increased targets, scrapping training sessions)

  4. Discuss SIX possible policies, legislations related to the case study and given scenario> Hint privacy law, Equal opportunity, Anti-discrimination, Ethical principle)

  5. According to the case study why WHS legislation is considered as an important legislation.