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Does Enterprise Risk Management Enhance Operating Performance?

Journal Artilce, 2500 words

Does Enterprise Risk Management Enhance Operating Performance?

Guidelines for Journal article review:

This article investigates the effectiveness of enterprise wide risk assessment and management process as a tool to”provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of entity objectives” you are required to critically analyze this article in relation to the research questions, supporting literature, methodology and findings to give your own opinion of whether the article provides a plausible synthesis of ERM practice in the market. You are required to discuss the implications, strength and limitations of the articles as they pertain to the search models and significant explanatory variables vis-à-vis enterprise risk management process in the contest of how they can be incorporated into ERM design, implemented and monitored in am organization, you should present your analysis by synthesizing it to a live organization/industry or a case you are familiar with.

Your articles review will provide critical assessment of the argument that are presented in the article. You are strongly encouraged to consult guides for completion of your review.

Example: Australian national university

University of Adelaide

University of Sydney

All references material must be appropriately cited in the text of your assignment. Include a separate reference list that shows the full citation information. Follow the style guidelines for the academy of management journal or the Harvard author date method.