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Jihad or Terrorism-A Critical Analysis Homework Help

Jihad or Terrorism- a critical Analysis

Terrorism is a rebellion of a group of people, who unite to oppose something. The term terrorism refers that the group develops terror. It is a very confusing term, since the person who faces terror is very much uncertain here. The terror may be for the common mass, may be for a particular body even. The person or the group who faces the threat depends on the type or pattern of terrorism. So, the terror is for that person or that group, against whom the rebellion has been raised. (Abou El Fadl, K., 2001). Now what is a Jihad? Jihad essentially means to fight against sin. Now deciding, who a sin is, depends on the religious terminologies only. However, when someone finds discrimination in their own nation with others, who are foreigners, then also, it is said to be a Jihad.

Who faces the terror from the terrorists and jihadist?

Generally terrorism rises in protest of a government, a government leader or even a government style, if it’s a political terrorism. There are other forms of terrorism too. Terrorism might be against a religion or the people who practices or supports a religion too. Terrorism may be against the society also, where the society and the societal beings are blamed. The blame is often of torture. But there are other blames also. (Baylis, J. and Smith, S., 2001) Exploitation of other religion and the people following that religion is often an issue of terrorism. There are several issues in the historical past, where the blame is to exploit the society or a nation. Then the terrorism is raised against the person or that group of persons, who are blamed to exploit the state. (Williams, M., 2003)

Jihadist on the other hand threatens the ruling system and the government. Since, the Jihadist struggle against the foreigner’s importance in his or her own nation, the threat directly goes to the government and the foreigners too. (Bergen, P. 2001)  However, it depends on the group of the Jihadist, whether they attack the foreigners or not. If they are having their objective perfectly balanced, and if they are focused to the objective, then usually they won’t target the foreigners. They think that disturbing them would spread wrong names on their own nation.

Types of terrorism among Jihadists

A political rebellion can be against the political party or can even be against few political leaders. The chances of terrorism there is least, since there is the chance to change the government through election. (Christensen, T., Laegreid, P. and Rykkja, L. 2013) If the nation’s rule does not support democracy, then the chance of terrorism for such issues increases. The political terrorism is mainly against the ruling method of the government. If that nation follows democracy, then the entire society is blamed for the activities. This makes the total society as the target for the rebellion team or the terrorists. (Cooley, J., 2000) Under such condition, it becomes easy for the government to mark the rebellion team as terrorist group, as societal harms are caused by them.

Jihadist on the other hand starts their rebellion in the form of non-violent attacks. When they sit repetitively on the negotiation table and find no result, then they go for the violent attack.

Harmful effects, Jihadists may provide

The major harm that a jihadist provides to a nation and to the international world is essentially an economic damage. The violent attacks that they usually provide to the nation and to the international citizens are targeted are essentially to make the nation weaken from all aspects, including the aspects like economical, political, social and security. (Darity, W. 2008) Thus in one word, it can be said that they harms the nations in such a way that the national backbone breaks down and they have to suffer a lot. This suffering will create a situation, where the nations have to accept their words. This is the ideology of the Jihadists, in general. (Drucker, P. 1998)

Terrorist types among the Jihadist

Thus terrorism can be of two types. One is a non-violent and other is the violent terrorism. Dividing the group of rebellion has been proven to be a perfect tool to de-synchronize the rebellions. A non-violent rebellion is very much tough to be handled. Dividing the rebellions can even be more dangerous. The break up creates more violent teams. (Drumbl, M., 2002) Each team will have its own strategy of attack. Thus the government has to tackle different sets of Protestants at the same time. One thing is that the violent attacks are easily marked as an act of terrorism, as that provides a real threat to the general citizens. Jihadist on the other hand starts their rebellion in the form of non-violent attacks. When they sit repetitively on the negotiation table and find no result, then they go for the violent attack.

How to decide the right act of Jihadists

Jihadists are the type of terrorist who fights for their own existence. The existence might be of their Religion, or may be the freedom as a citizen. Freedom fighters usually take the violent route, when they have no other means to struggle. Since, they have the sentiment of the national interest, and they also have the sentiment of harming the people of their own nation, they always try to deal in the non-violent way, but if that is not accepted by any means, they go for the violent attacks. However the weapons or the missiles that they use in the violent war are generally supplied by the enemy neighbor nation, to gain their political importance in the globe. (Eisenman, R., 2008) Government generally identifies the common people, who got injury or even death as common and general mass, but if they are involved in the wrong-act, then they cannot be general mass. If the common mass and the general citizens are provided with a power to elect and given power for self-rule and then also they are supporting the corruption and exploitation of government, then they cannot be some unknowing people. (Gage, B. 2009) If they are having that power to make a government by their own, and still they are taking active participation in the governments misacts and misdeeds, then how can they be treated as common fellows?