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BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change Homework Help

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Underpinning knowledge questions

1.1 Provide an explanation of change management in your own words. Create a process flow to help illustrate your answer.
1.2 Explain how change can be embedded in an organisation using one of the change management theories in no less than 200 words.
1.3 Describe your understanding of organisational behaviour and three different aspects that affect it.
1.4 Describe how the external environment can impact on change strategies in an
organisation (use the PEST framework to assist you to answer this question).
1.5 Provide an explanation of no more than one-two pages that details each part of a change management project plan based on the information provided in the
learner guide. Include any specifics of the change and relevant communications to stakeholders.

1.6 Identify and describe three potential barriers to organisational change and provide a strategy to address each barrier in a minimum of 250 words.

1.7 Explain in no less than 250 words, your understanding of conducting cost-benefit and risk assessments as they apply to the change management process.
1.8 Identify what kind of consultation needs to be undertaken in an organisation at each stage of the change management process and with whom.