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Review of E-Learning Activity Homework Help

Review of e- earning materials

Weighting: 15%

You are  required  to  make  two hundred  (200  words)  weekly contributions  to your  Discussion  Forum  on Blackboard (E-Learning activities} during the course of the Trimester, which will start in week 2 (officially) and finish in week 5.

The nature of each contribution can be found on the weekly discussion forum on Blackboard. As a guide, the contributions need to be based on thoughts that arise after completing the week’s reading, video materials, etc. The thoughts may be based on personal experiences or perhaps from a web-site, journal article or mass media item that is relevant to the week’s module topic.

The thoughts that are posted to the forums should be considered and reflect logic and rationale discourse. The intent on with this task is to generate discussion about topics in modules to make material in the text come alive. Students are welcomed  to  make  responsible  comments, observations  or  remarks, about  other  students’ contributions (in an appropriately supportive way).

At the end of Week 5, students should bundle what they consider to be their two (2} best contributions together and submit in a single report  to their Instructor with FULL safe assign report  and the Holmes institute Cover Sheet attached in Week 6.

The limit of 1000 words overall (500 words for each contribution}, plus or minus 10% is to be strictly observed for the choice of ”two (2) best contributions” submitted for assessment. Print the word count on the second line of your submission, and your surname, given name and student number on the first line. Your Instructor will view contributions on a regular basis and may provide selective feedback on these weekly contributions and then assess the two (2) best you have submitted for further consideration and grading.

HC1082B_T2-Marketing and Entrepreneurship


E-learning activity
1. Find a non-profit organisation that implements the marketing concept. What is the exhange taking place? What is the profit they seek? Do they apply the marketing concept? How can you tell?

2.Go to Nestle's Australian web site (www.nestle.com.au). Review its latest news and the Peter's brand page to identify recent new-product launches or promotional campaigns. Which segments of the market are these products/campaigns aimed at? Do you think they will be successful? Why or why not?
3.If a company is interested in estimating the distribution of income in the Northern Territory or New Zealands's North Island, how could it proceed? Be specific.
4.Visit three web services of fast moving consumer goods (FCMG) companies (for example Unilever and P&G). Is there evidence of a segmented approach or are they mass marketing? Rank the three companies in terms of how well they segment their market and prepare a set of recommendations on how they could segment their market further.
5.Discuss how worldwide demographic trends are affecting opportunities for international marketing and which industries are set to benefits from the ageing baby boomers.