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Sub Sea Adventure Case Study Homework Help

A case study of Sub Sea Adventure


The Activity is meant to improve the business operation by adding efficiencies and removing drawbacks and errors that are consistently on the rise. Therefore the main motive is to provide training to the employees of the Sea Scuba Adventures so that they can manage business in a better way and remove errors that were increasing. Along with that their customers were also provided training and assistance so that they can make maximum use of the online facility to book for the required service and even select their slot for scuba diving. The outcome will be online reservation for the business and better handling of business operation which will result in increasing profits earning and better management for the company.

The PID of the Activity Start Document will help in understanding the scope and objective of the Activity. Also an outline of the whole Activity and the process of Activity management process will be initiated.

Activity scope

The Activity scope is to provide training to the employees of the company so that they could learn, understand and apply the new information system that will be applied for upgrading the business operation. The method used will be Arrangement of prototype for the system, screes for forms and manuals for recording training process.

These way efforts will be made to improve the business efficiency and effectiveness through adding skills to the present employees so that they can faster manage work and achieve high success and gains for the organization. Thus time wastage, mishandling of bookings and addition to confusion will all be avoided. An integrated business process that handles all types of booking from all three shops will be therefore be achieved so that the customer can be handled well and the business operation can achieve higher level of effectiveness and gains.

The Activity scope thus includes the addition of the information system in the regular business operation so that the employees can easily manage work through improved system of online booking. This will give them enough time to handle clients and arrange slots and plan accordingly. On the other hand the customers will be facilitated with the online booking facility which can avail from anywhere they want to. This will help in increasing the business output and gains and allow the company to increase business efficiency and therefore earnings from it.

Activity approach

An Agile approach will be used for completing the Activity so that the Needs of the stakeholders will be identified and the business Needs will be fulfilled. The university consultants will offer prototype of the original system so that the clients can practice its usage and learn to make it more beneficial task for them.

The methodology using Agile approach will actually help in consuming lesser time with the minimum cost expenditures. Efforts will be made to keep clients and end user participate in the training process so that they both can learn, understand and apply the advantage of new technological inputs.

Four Stages of the Activity will be made in the following format.

Stage I: Activity start.

Stage II: Data collection.

Stage III: Identifying and preparing for the training Needs.

Stage IV: Applying training.

Also the eight working hours and weekend holidays will be considered while framing the WBS or Work Breakdown Structure so that the most desired outcome is achieved in the end of the Activity.

Work Breakdown Structure Duration in days.
1.      Activity
1.1.   Stage1: Activity Start
1.1.1.      Creation of PID 2
1.1.2.      Meeting on Activity start and signing up PID. 1
1.2.   Stage 2: Data Collection
1.2.1.      Need Analysis            Interview Stakeholders 3            Examination 2            Arrangement of Need analysis document 2
1.3.   Stage 3: Arrangement of Training Materials
1.3.1.      Receipt of prototype system 5
1.3.2.      Activity Planning 2
1.3.3.      Activity Scheduling 2
1.3.4.      Resource Planning 2
1.3.5.      Preparing manuals 10
1.3.6.      Preparing help documents 10
1.3.7.      Preparing for frequently asked questionsFAQ 5
1.3.8.      Reviewing of the documents 3
1.3.9.      Uploading the manuals and help document on the website. 1
1.4.   Stage 4: Training
1.4.1.      Training session to the staffs            Offering training and assistance to each site                  Introducing to the system 4                  Participation in acceptance test. 2                  Checking for problems with the employees. 2
1.4.2.      Providing online help. 6 months


The resources of this Activity are,

Resource Number of Resource Charge/hour
Activity manager 1 $185
Business researcher 1 $125
Technical writer 1 $95
Trainer 3 $125


Other needs that will be supplied include the followings.

  1. Laptops for the team so that they can easily convey the training material to the clients.
  2. Upgraded software to support the training session.
  3. Prototype software to help understand and assist the usage of the new system of online booking.

The Activity overview report is as follows.

Activity overview is therefore 0%.

The start activity over is between Sun 2/15/15 – Tuesday 11/24/15.

Resource Overview reports are,

Work Status:

The percentage work done by all the work resources can be displayed as follows.

The resource Status is stated as below.

Name Start Finish Work remaining in hours.
Activity manager 2/15/15 4/29/15 72
Business researcher 2/18/15 2/26/15 56
Technical writer 4/30/15 6/8/15 224
Trainer 6/9/15 6/18/15 64

The Work status for overallocated resources can be displayed as follows.

Surplus work assigned to over allocated resources can be stated as below.


Cost status for work resources are as follows.

Cost distribution can be depicted as below.

Cost Details are stated as below.

Name Actual Work (in hours) Actual Cost ( in $) Standard Rate (per hour)
Activity manager 0 0 185
Business researcher 0 0 125
Technical writer 0 0 95
Trainer 0 0 125

Cash Flow can be stated as below.

Resource Cost varience:


Cost (in dollars)

Baseline cost

Cost varience.

Activity manager




Business researcher




Technical writer